Benelli SuperNova Shotgun Review

Here is a quick review of my Benelli SuperNova Shotgun.

First, here’s the feature list:

Standard screw-In chokes: IC, M, F
Vented Recoil Pad for shock absorption
Comfort-Tech Shim Kit
Overly large trigger guard
Push-button shell stop

I purchased this shotgun in 2006 as my first firearm. I was looking at Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 mostly. They were well with-in my price range, but I wasn’t sure of the quality, and hesitated a little bit. I then saw the Benelli SuperNova. The price was higher then any other shotgun I was looking at, but I knew the quality would be that much better also.

The firearm fits like a glove. I do a lot of trap shooting, and when bringing the gun up from a carrying position, it come up NICE, right to my eye. Of course every body type is different, so this will vary whomever uses it. It has a red sight, and a raised barrel sight, with middle bead. I shoot left handed, and do not have any problems with the shell exit, or the safety switch, etc. The firearm comes with extra Shims, so you can change both the drop, and the cast of the butt. I’ve shimmed mine over to better suit my left handedness

The firearm will cycle 2 3/4” shells through to 3.5” shells. I usually use 3.5” shells, and have never had a problem with jams, or anything similar.


My firearm has been dropped, rained on, touched with muddy gloves and have never had a problem with it. After using it once or twice, i’ll take it apart and clean it
It hasn’t rusted, or discolored at all, even after leaving it dirty/muddy for a week because I was too busy to clean it

Disassembly / Cleaning:

Disassembling this gun is a synch. Just take out 2 pins that hold in the trigger assembly with the supplied tool (the end cap to the shell holder), and the trigger assembly falls right out. The forearm then pulls right out the front. The bolt falls right out the bottom, and that’s about it.
The bolt rides on rails which are very easy to lubricate.
Once the gun is broken down, your left with 3-4 seperate pieces, which makes it very easy to clean everything.
Putting it back together is just as simple as taking it apart
The manual has great instruction on how to do it. I don’t even think I read them and did it my first try
Disassembling is so easy, IF you get dirt in the chamber, or something happens where you need to take it apart in the field, it’s so simple, and only takes 2-3 minutes.


The weight. At 7.9 – 8.0 lbs, it can get a little heavy, especially when walking 5-10kms when pheasant hunting. I have purchased a sling for mine, and that helps alleviate most of the weight.
Barrel Length / buying new barrel. The barrel length is great for goose / duck hunting, etc, but it would be nice to find a smaller barrel for it. The problem is, a new barrel is almost the same cost of the whole gun.
Being all black, the gun looks like it came from a star wars movie, , but it doesn’t bother me much.
The difference between this gun and the NOVA, is the comfort tech stock, which compresses and helps with the recoil, the hardened barrel, and larger trigger guard. I don’t have much to compare the recoil to, but a friend says it ‘kicks’ a whole lot less then his gun.

I am 100% happy with this gun. It will last a lifetime for me!

Any questions? Send me an email – mrnatemeyer [@ ]

UPDATE (December 1, 2009):

Still no problems with the firearm. Still no jams, rust, or discoloring. Everything is working perfectly, and am still VERY happy with this firearm.

UPDATE (November 26, 2012)

The gun is holding together. One problem! When shooting 3.5″ shells, the trigger is sticking. I fixed it by doing this:

UPDATE (March 22, 2013)