Halloween at Pinery Provincial Park – 2014

Overall, we had a great weekend!  We missed it last year, but were present in 2012.  Earlier this year, I walked through the park and found a site that we would eventually book for Halloween 2014.  We booked site 730, because in 2012, this whole row was FULL of trick-or-treaters, and decorated campsites.  This year was a little different, more on that later.

We arrived early on the Friday, and relaxed for the day.  We had some friends come up later on in the evening, had a nice campfire, then went down for the night.  Saturday we were up nice and early decorating our site.  It took the majority of the morning, and early afternoon.  We were going with a typical Halloween theme.  Red lights, scary decorations, scary music, etc, etc.  I think we did a good job using the various decorations we had.

Here’s the one thing that got me slightly upset.  I’ll admit, I did vent about it for a while.  On Friday evening, and Saturday morning, we started to see trucks, with large trailers pull into our row, back their trailer into the site, then proceed to walk away.  I saw this happen 3-4 times with the sites all around us.  I started to wonder where these people were going, and how come they haven’t decorated, or even occupied their site.  Turns out they were grouping up with other families, to decorate one campsite collectively.  This is great and all, because the site was decorated awesomely.  The problem is, our row went from the most popular row in 2012, to a dark, inhabited row this year.  We were the only site on our whole row that was decorated.  We did receive a healthy number of children, but I wonder how many didn’t bother coming down our row, because they thought nothing was going on here.  If you’re going to leave your campsite vacant, to group elsewhere, maybe pick a site that’s not in the center of the park, where it’s generally supposed to be busy.  VENT OVER.

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Halloween at Pinery Provincial Park – October 2012

Halloween…., Camping…., Our two favourite things!

Every year, on a pre-determined weekend, campers flock to Pinery Provincial Park to celebrate Halloween. This year, the date was October 20th, 2012. It took place in Riverside, in section 4. The busiest parts were in the 733 to 724 row, and closer to the river. I can’t comment on the very back of section 4, as I didn’t walk back there, so maybe other’s wouldn’t have ither?

Campers arrived on the Friday, and started decorating their sites and carving their pumpkins. Some campers teamed together on one site, to create spectacular Halloween displays. It’s just a great time to walk around and chat with other campers, and see their decorations and Halloween ideas. The Pinery is really nice at this time. The leaves are in the midst of falling from the trees, and are spectacular colors.

On the Saturday, starting at dusk, kids (and adults) will walk around to each site to gather their candy. It was fun to decorate our site, and hand out candy to visitors. After the candy was all out, we walked around to check-out all the other sites. Some pictures below:

If you have any questions about the Pinery Halloween events, send me an email


IMG_0131 IMG_0132


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And here are a few pics of the Pinery during the October month. It’s sooooo nice!




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