Hot Spot Propel bad Start Capacitor

Here’s the story.  It’s been really cold in Ontario, Canada lately.  -24 degree Celsius.  I got up on Family day morning, and thought I should check on the hot tub, as I haven’t been in it for a few days.  I went out, and noticed that the led display said “—-“.  I also checked the water, and it was only warm, almost even cold.  I turned the breaker off, then back on, and pressed the JETS button to start the pump, and get it heated back up.  The pump made a groaning / humming noise, but didn’t actually turn on.  Nothing out the jets.  I took the panels off, and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.  Knowing that I couldn’t fix it right away, I drained the water. I googled some steps on how to properly winterize the hot tub, because with it being -24C outside, any water will freeze.

With the tub drained, and winterized, I now felt comfortable with knowing nothing is going to burst, and I started to google trying to find out why the pump wouldn’t start.  I found that there is a “Start Capacitor” that bolts to the pump, that supplies a jolt of electricity to the pump just to get it started.  I looked at the pump, and I can see it attached to the side.  Note – there is a Run Capacitor, and a Start Capacitor.  They both look the same.  Look at the below photo, and you can see both capacitors bolted to the pump.  The Start Capacitor is the smaller one.  I have a Wavemaster 9200.



I called Pioneer Pools, in London Ontario to ask them if they have any suggestions.  They recommended I replace the whole pump for $400.  I even asked them if they’ve heard of a Start Capacitor, and the person on the phone didn’t know what it was.  They checked in the back, and didn’t have these units in stock.  Again said I need to replace the whole motor.  I’m not replacing a $400 motor, just because a $5 part if dead.

To test my theory of a bad Start Capacitor, with the breaker turned off, I wrapped a string around the pump output shaft.  I made sure the string was tight on the shaft.  I turned the breaker on, and pressed the Jets button, and heard the pump hum, but not turn on.  I pulled the string, which jumped started the pump, and it kicked on, and purred like a kitten. I turned off the breaker, and started searching for a Start Capactitor.   You can also take the cover off the capacitor, and most time you’ll see it’s gust hanging out the top.  Here’s what it looks like:


You can use any start capacitor manufacturer you’d like, as long as it’s the same physical size, and you match the MFD, and VAC rating.  Mine was a 88-106MFD, and 330VAC.  I bought a 88-108MFD, and 330VAC.  You should match it exactly, but i’ve heard you can go over the MFD rating by 10%.  You should also stay at 330vac or over.

Once I attached this to the pump, it started up like normal.  I added water, and everything was back to normal.

I wanted to post this, in case others are searching for a solution to this problem.  I didn’t see much about the start capacitor out there. is on a new VPS!

Previously.. was hosted by Hostgator, on a shared server. I have no idea what software was being used, how many resources I was getting, who else was on my shared plan, etc, etc. A lot of unknowns. This type of hosting can get fairly slow depending on how much the website is serving.

I decided to give a unmanaged, VPS a try. I went with I have my own CPU core, with a fixed amount of memory, and a nice quick SSD drive. I installed Ubuntu 14.04, then used the control panel virtualmin, which installs all my servers and services.

I hope will load a little faster for people coming for Ontarioparks reviews!


First Coyote Hunt of 14/15 season

Not sure I would really call this a Coyote hunt.. more of a walk through the fields. I did bring my rifle, and calls, but wasn’t really serious about the hunt. I really just wanted to go for a walk, and did just that. A few calls were made, but saw nothing. Good times tho!

Below is my tracks. Some of it is driving of course.. but you can see the spots where I walked through the field, and along the hedge row.


Couple more Sat morning pics..

The corn is starting to come off the fields, so the country views are really starting to open up… that means Coyote hunting soon! Actually.. I think I might get out for a Coyote hunt this Saturday.



I also discovered Google My Tracks. I’ve been wanting to track where I’ve explored, or driven for a while now. I’ve used my Garman GPS60, but the interface, and loading it into Google Maps has kinda been a pain. So I searched around, and discovered Google My tracks. Here’s my tracks for last Saturday