Pinery Provincial Park Review – Dunes

Review Date: Coming May 2016

General Information / Location / Address

Pinery Provincial Park is located in Southwestern Ontario, on the shores of Lake Huron. It is a fairly large park, and also fairly popular. It’s my GO-TO park, as it’s one of the closest to me. We usually go here for a weekend at the very start of the season, to make sure our camping gear is all IN-CHECK. This review will focus on the Dunes section of Pinery only.

The Pinery Provincial Park
R.R.# 2
Grand Bend, Ontario
N0M 1T0
(519) 243-2220

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Trail Cam is out!

Last year, I found that Turkey Season crept up pretty quickly. This year
I’m going to be prepared!

I’ve got the trail cam out in a bush that I know Turkeys are present. I
figure I’d start watching the bush to see what’s going on. I know the
patterns for Turkeys will be a lot different at this time of year, but no
harm in watching anyway!