Country Mornings…..

I’ve recently discovered something that I really enjoy doing. Getting up at 7am on a Saturday morning, and driving the truck out to the country, and visiting some of my hunt spots. I have a few spots where I drive to, park the truck, and watch the fields and forests come awake. It’s just so quiet and relaxing.

I also have a friend who enjoys the same thing, so when he comes, it’s a time to chat about our week, and chat about the upcoming hunt season.

Sometimes I’ll also bring my rifle, and later on in the morning I practice some long range shooting. Other times we’ll bring the shotgun and clay traps, and have a round at trap.

Here are some pictures of these mornings.



A radio station power building

A radio station power building

One of the fields we hunt near

One of the fields we hunt near

Myself, and my 2 boys

Myself, and my 2 boys

My friend and I on a beauty morning

My friend and I on a beauty morning

Xtreme-Buggy Excursion, Dominican Review

A picture is worth a thousand words…, so look at this picture.


That’s right. This is a real VW Dunebuggy. This isn’t some tamed out plastic “dune” buggy. This is the real thing, and it’s awesome! This is a trip of a lifetime!

Xtreme-Buggy Website


Trip Advisor Reviews – Read all of them for tips.


IMG_3373 IMG_3374

This is how our trip went. At the resort, we emailed the above email letting them know which resort we are at, and what time we’d like to go out. At that time you can choose how many people you’d like in your buggy. Whether it’s 2, or 4. If you choose 2, it’s slightly more money, as if you’d choose 4, they split the driving with different people. They also offer different length of excursions, and I’ll be talking about the half day excursion. I think that’s long enough, and you really get your driving fix!

They come to your resort, sometimes in the dune buggy, and pick you up, and bring you back to the depot. There, they give you a crash course on the buggies, and on some of the rules, etc. They take your money, and make you sign a waiver. Once in the car, they will show you how the clutch works, and the shifter works. I don’t suggest you drive if you’ve never driven manual transmission before. With these buggies, it’s a bit of a learning curve, and there’s no time for a stalled buggy on the busy roads, or trails. My buggy wouldn’t go over 10MPH, and had to be swapped out with a different buggy.

This, IMO, is the BEST way to see the Dominican country side. Right when you pull out of the depot, your on the main roads. It’s overwhelming at first, because it’s so busy, and there are trucks and cars flying around you everywhere. You quickly take a back road, and the trip begins.

First, we went to this small village where we saw a general store, or a grocery store. We also saw someone’s house, and back yard. It’s cool to see how these people live.



IMG_3379 IMG_3387 IMG_3394

After that, we continued through the muddy back roads that wind through dominican. One thing that they tell you is to not slow down for the mud-holes. If a buggy stalls out in a deep hole, that’s game over for the buggy. So we are all going FULL SPEED through these deep, muddy, orange, gross mud-holes. Our clothes were BROWN half way through the trip.


After that we stopped off at a rich mans house / farm. He wasn’t there, and there was no house. There was a swimming pool in the center of his yard, that’s never had water in it. It symbolizes money, and monopoly.


After that, they take you to this mine, where you drive up and down some of the mining hills. You also get to see all the mining equipment. Here, they tell you not to let the transmission slow you down when going down the steep mining hills. Something about it not being good on the gears. It’s just a testiment to how real these buggies are. After the mine, we get out on a busy highway. This was a real cool part of the trip, as we were going 80km/h in these buggies, down a 2 lane road. It’s kinda crazy, because the guy leading the trip doesn’t go slow, and doesn’t care about passing cars. So, everyone would shift their buggy’s down a gear, and pull when it’s clear, and pass cars. It’s crazy, but awesome!

The highlight of the trip, is the beach they bring you too. On the way to this beach, we overtook 20-30 little 4-wheelers that were driving on the road also. We also passed these small little buggy’s that went 20km/h maximum. It was kinda funny, cause these people in these little imitation dune buggy’s were getting passed by us in the REAL buggy’s.

We all went swimming for 30 minutes or so. The waves are huge!



IMG_3424 IMG_3425 IMG_3426 IMG_3427 IMG_3430
After that, we got back on the busy roads, and drove back to the depot. On the way, you drive right through a busy town, with stop lights and everything. It get’s a bit hairy, cause your right in the middle of Dominican traffic!

This is the trip to go on in Dominican! Don’t rent those crappy 4-wheelers, or any other plastic “dune buggy”. This is the real thing! It’s amazing, and the best excursion I’ve ever been on! A couple points to know below:

– Bring old clothes. You WILL get muddy, and will get dirty!
– Bring a bandanna. You need something to cover your face while driving through the muddy mud-pits
– Close your mouth when going through the mud. The water is stagnant, and probably filled with parasites.
– Be careful with your camera. It will probably get dirty. They take pictures and video for you, and sell it afterwards.
– Go fast through the mud-pits. It’s fun! and gets you less dirty!
– Don’t do anything stupid on the buggy’s. You will get removed. Don’t swerve, and try to dodge puddles. Charlie (the owner) will yell at you.
– Charlie is the owner, and can sometimes get angry. Just listen to him, and you’ll be fine. Don’t do anything stupid
Read ALL the reviews on this page. It’s the trip-advisor page, and is filled with more tips, and reviews

Halloween at Pinery Provincial Park – October 2012

Halloween…., Camping…., Our two favourite things!

Every year, on a pre-determined weekend, campers flock to Pinery Provincial Park to celebrate Halloween. This year, the date was October 20th, 2012. It took place in Riverside, in section 4. The busiest parts were in the 733 to 724 row, and closer to the river. I can’t comment on the very back of section 4, as I didn’t walk back there, so maybe other’s wouldn’t have ither?

Campers arrived on the Friday, and started decorating their sites and carving their pumpkins. Some campers teamed together on one site, to create spectacular Halloween displays. It’s just a great time to walk around and chat with other campers, and see their decorations and Halloween ideas. The Pinery is really nice at this time. The leaves are in the midst of falling from the trees, and are spectacular colors.

On the Saturday, starting at dusk, kids (and adults) will walk around to each site to gather their candy. It was fun to decorate our site, and hand out candy to visitors. After the candy was all out, we walked around to check-out all the other sites. Some pictures below:

If you have any questions about the Pinery Halloween events, send me an email


IMG_0131 IMG_0132


IMG_0140 IMG_0141 IMG_0142 IMG_0143 IMG_0144 IMG_0152 IMG_0153 IMG_0157 IMG_0158 IMG_0146 IMG_0147


And here are a few pics of the Pinery during the October month. It’s sooooo nice!




IMG_0102 IMG_0092 IMG_0090 IMG_0116 IMG_0120IMG_0062