My Vehicles

I’ve always been a car / bike lover, and I’ve been through a few different vehicles in my lifetime.  I wanted to create a page, listing all the vehicles I’ve had, and write some notes about each.  So, here it goes.

1986 Nissan 300zx 2+2
This was my first car.  Bought it for ~ $4500.  It has a 3.0L V6, non-turbo.  I drove this car around for a few years, with only 1 small accident, which got fixed shortly after.  I waterlogged the motor one rainy night, thus needing to rebuild the motor.  The motor had a full rebuild, with performance cams, headers, 2.5” exhaust, 4.11 gears, Team Green Filters.  Car ran good, did a low 15 in the 1/4 mile.  I decided to add a turbo to the car, which was fairly easy.   Running stock boost (6psi), it moved pretty quick.  I stopped driving this car when I bought the below car.  This car was later gutted, and taken to the junk yard.

1986 Nissan 300zx Turbo
This car was originally for sale for $4000.  I was eying it for a few months, and noticed he kept moving it to the back of his lot.  I went in there one day, about 7-8 months after he originally put it up for sale, and offered $1500.  He took it.  The car started with an automatic transmission, and I converted it to a 5-speed.  I actually took the motor and tranny out of my first car, and placed it in this one.  It also went through another rebuild.  I brought the 4.11 rear end over as well, and the wheels and tires.  I added intercooler piping, and a front mount intercooler.  I brought the suspension over as well.  This car did the a 13.6 @ 112mph in the 1/4.  I spun half way down the track.  This has been one of my favorite cars so far.  I sold this car for around $3000, in order to pay for my bike.

dcp_2470 dcp_2479 dcp_2478

1991 Ford Taurus SHO
This car was bought as a winter vehicle, daily driver.  Bought it for $500, and put a couple hundred into it to safety it.  It lasted a good 3-4 years for me without any major repairs. The motor in it was the SHO motor, and it was pretty quick. I would say a low 15 second 1/4 mile. It wasn’t the prettiest of cars tho. The interior was black leather, and VERY comfortable!

2004 Honda 599
At this point, I still owned my turbo 300zx, and my SHO.  One day, I was driving in the Z, and I saw a motorcycle ahead of me, and he seemed to be having so much fun on his bike, so free, and relaxed.  I thought to myself, and decided I wanted a motorcycle!  I first had to sell my car, which was a tough decision for me.  I found someone who wanted to buy it, and sold it.  For a measly $3000.  A couple weeks later, I bought my first motorcycle.  I was looking for something other then a supersport, as insurance was alot better.  I found a brand new 2004, Honda 599.  It had the carbureted F3 motor in it, and had full sized tires, which was important to me.
The only modification I did to it, was different handle bars.  They lowered the drivers stance, which seemed to give me more confidence in the corners.  I loved this bike!  Although, my dream bike was a supersport, so a few months later, I traded it in for the the next bike on my list.

dcp_0002 dcp_0004 dcp_3552

2004 Honda CBR 600RR
Like I said, shortly after the 599, I traded it in for a 600rr.  Let me just say, that this is the best bike I’ve ever owned!  I LOVED this bike.  Cornering between the 599, and this bike is night and day.  I’ve never had any problems with this bike.  I did buy a Jardine slip-on exhaust for it, and that was the only modification it had.  I still kick myself for selling this bike.  I wish I still had it.  It was MINT till the day I sold it.  I heard that 1 week after the new buyer bought it, it was stolen!  RIP.

Picture 003 Picture 006 Picture 016
1999 Ford Escort Wagon
My dad wasn’t using his Ford Escort wagon anymore, and it was obviously better on gas then the SHO was.  So, I decided to scrap my SHO, and buy dads wagon.  The SHO sat behind the house for years, until he finally brought it into the wreckers.  The new wagon worked GREAT for me, for years and years!  After I bought my jeep, I sold it to the wreckers for $100.  I could’ve probably sold it on kijiji for $1500, what was I thinking!


2000 Jeep TJ
This is by-far one of my favorite vehicles I’ve owned!  I bought it stock, with no modifications.  I loved it!  Awesome in the winter, and great for hunting, and getting into those remote places where normal vehicles wouldn’t make it.  I first installed a 2.5” puck lift system on it, and a 1.25” body lift.  Then put on 32×11.5” tires.  After that, I took out the 2.5” puck system, and installed a proper 4” lift.  This jeep was awesome!  I had no problems with it the entire time I owned it.
I really liked it for getting through the trails, to remote areas where normal cars couldn’t go.  I found alot of roads up north that led to remote lakes, etc, etc.  It was an awesome vehicle to go exploring with, and some parts of me regrets selling it.  It was an awesome 4×4 vehicle.  Although, I wouldn’t buy another one.  Why?  Because I’ve been accustomed to pickup trucks now, and couldn’t live without that added storage that trucks offer!

IMG_7667 IMG_7668 IMG_7669

2008 GSXR 750
I’m stilling kicking myself for selling my 600rr.  Even now, I liked it more then this 750.  It just seemed lighter, and more nimble.  But, what’s done is done.  I traded in the RR for this 750.  There’s not much to say about the 750, I didn’t own it very long.  I upgraded the exhaust, and windscreen.  I liked the look of this bike.  For some reason, I never really opened this bike up (speed wise), I barely got done breaking it in, before selling it.  It did handle pretty good tho, but even as I type this, I thought the RR handled better.
I really liked the look of the all black bike.  And wish I didn’t sell this ither.  But sometimes we have to do things that we don’t want to!

IMG_6799 IMG_6802 IMG_6803

2003 Nissan 350Z
This is the vehicle that I sold my Jeep for.  As you can see, from my previous vehicles, I’ve always been a Nissan fan, and always wanted a 350z!  I looked for the right one for a long time, and finally came across this one in Kingston.  It’s the touring package.  It has all the components of the performance package, but adds alot of luxuries, like navigation, heated seats, leather, etc, etc.
I’ve left the car completely stock, and I think it’s going to stay that way for now.  I think the resale value is alot higher when it’s stock.
I love this car!  The handling is awesome!  I’ve taken it up north, and just can’t believe how tight it is in the corners, and how well it tracks over bumps, etc, etc.  What an awesome car! I’ve had alot of fun with this car, but it is expensive, and I hope I can keep it for a while, but there are other things that will take priority! (a house!)  😉

IMG_7714 IMG_7715-1 IMG_7716

1993 Nissan HardBody Pickup Truck
And of course, my most recent vehicle!  Here’s why I bought a truck.  I didn’t want to drive my Z as a daily driver.  90% of my trips are only 20 minutes long, to work and back.  I didn’t want to subject my Z to those quick trips.  I also do alot of hunting, camping, etc, and a truck would be perfect for the things I do.  I found this truck on kijiji for $1500 bucks, and put about $500 into safetying it, etc.  It’s been rock solid for me, save for the big exhaust manifold leak, which i’m currently fixing.
I also new I wanted to buy a tent trailer in the future, and needed something to tow it.  I also do alot of hunting, and wanted something to drive through the fields to the hunt spot.  A 350z just wouldn’t cut it!
I love my truck!  It’s not the nicest looking vehicle, but it’s the most practical vehicle i’ve ever owned!  And plan to have this truck, or a truck for a while!

3744831820_15f99ceaee_b DSCF7334 IMG_0740

1995 Jayco 10′ Tent Trailer.  I’ve slept in tents my whole life, and since I now have a pickup truck, I scoured kijiji to find this one.  I paid $1500 for it, and used it for 2-3 years, then sold it for $2000.  This was a really light trailer, and we enjoyed it!

DSCF1300 IMG_2000IMG_0764

2006 Dodge Dakota, TRX4, 4.7 LV8 HO, 3.92 diff.  My Nissan pickup truck started leaking fuel, and most of the brake lines were rusted. As well, the body to frame connections were rusting.  So time for a new truck!  I chose the Dakota because it was one of the only mid-sized trucks to offer a V8.  This one also had the all wheel drive option in it, which I enjoyed, but did cost some extra in fuel, and towing power.

IMG_1496 IMG_1568 IMG_1814

007 Surveyor 192T Hybrid Travel Trailer.  Now that we bought a bigger pickup truck, we decided to upgrade our trailer.  At the same time, it was decided to sell the 350z, as it wasn’t getting much use.  With the money from the Z, we bought this trailer.  It has a leak from the bunk ends right when we bought it, but we fixed that up.  Since, I’ve re-caulked the whole trailer, and installed a new vinyl floor.  It hasn’t given us any trouble, and we really enjoy it!

IMG_20151018_135112-01 ProShot_20160610_181450~2 ProShot_20160610_202943

2012 Dodge Ram, HEMI, 3.92.  One day we were camping at Ostler Lake, and my wife and I decided we needed a new truck.  Our Dakota just wasn’t pulling the trailer adequately.  With the air on, and going up steep hills, it seemed to be lugging heavily.  We found a great deal on this RAM.  However, right away it had some issues.  The transfer case would grind loudly, and the engine produced a dull knocking sound.  I fought with the dealer, and manufacturer for months, and after rebuilding the engine, then replacing it, and still having the knock, I went through CAMVAP.  I won an award against Chrysler Canada, and they bought the vehicle back from me.  Bye bye Chrysler, Hello FORD!

IMG_6022 IMG_6025 IMG_6107

2013 Ford F-150, 5.0L, 3.73.  With the money that Chrysler was forced to pay back, we factory ordered a brand new Ford F-150.  This was a great truck!  We waited 5-6 weeks for delivery, and was very happy to pick it up, and to have a truck again!  This 5.0L pulled our trailer nicely, and did everything else we wanted it to do.

1392469049718 IMG_20131130_075224 IMG_20131207_074957 IMG_20140201_100235

2004 Maxima S.  This vehicle was given to me by my sister, and husband.  I spent around $1000 getting it road worthy again, and it served us well.  However, with my wife and I expecting a child, we needed a more reliable vehicle, so we sold this one on kijiji.

IMG_20140707_171028 IMG_20140707_171042 IMG_20140707_171049

2014 Ford Focus S.  We bought this vehicle as a car to boot around town, and for short highway trips. We factory ordered it, and waited 5-6 weeks for delivery.  This is the S model, so it doesn’t have ANY options.  It does come standard with AIR, and power locks, and power front windows.   It’s a 5-speed, light, nimble, and great on gas!  We use it now with two kids, and while it’s a little tight for our family, it’s a cheap, reliable vehicle.


2016 Ford F-150, FX4, 5.0L, 3.73 – The dealership gave us a great trade-in deal on our 2013 Ford, so we traded that in, and factory ordered a nw 2016.  We decided to lease this one, which lowered our payments for the next 3 year by $120.  Insurance is also cheaper.  This truck is pretty much identical to our 2013, but just 3 years newer.

DSC_0411 ProShot_20160601_102853 ProShot_20160612_113753 ProShot_20160618_073122

2014 CRF250L – I’ve been out of the Motorcycle world since 2009.  In fact, I had no urge to own another street bike ever.  However, I came upon this new world of Dual Sporting from a buddy at work.  He commutes to work on his dual sport dirt bike, and then in the evenings and weekends, hits the off-road trails.    I took his dual sport out on the street and trails a number of times, and got very intrigued!  I had to have one!  Imaging scouting for birds / turkeys with this thing!  I spend a number of hours per month exploring the countryside in my truck, and wanted to do the same on a dirt bike.  After a year of debating, I bit the bullet and bought one used for a great price!  I commute on this thing to work, and hit the trails afterwards!  Loving this new Dual Sporting world!

ProShot_20160720_172101 ProShot_20160720_172117 ProShot_20160724_122836ProShot_20160627_144006 (1)