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Hello! My name is Nate Meyer, and I currently live in London, Ontario, Canada. I enjoy the outdoors ALOT. Camping, hunting, exploring, cottaging. I have a passion for all things mechanical. Cars and Trucks have always interested me. I enjoy playing guitar. I enjoy being a father, and husband. My wife Tessa and I really enjoy camping.  We have a 2007 19′ Surveyor 192T.  We enjoy driving through small towns on the way to new parks.  We have a goal of visiting all the provincial parks, and have succeeded about 75% so far.   I try and write a review for each park that we visit, as I feel it helps others as they decided on which park to visit. You’ll find alot of my posts are about my trips and experiences in the outdoors. Here’s a picture or two of my Wife and I, followed by a picture of our son Jase.  And after that.. can’t forgot our 2 dogs.

You can email me at : nate@natemeyer.ca

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  1. Hi Nate. I found your site while researching a booking at Oastler site 223. You had a review for that exact site along with a treasure trove of other great provincial park stuff. Thank you for posting all of this information, i will continue to use it as a reference. I seem to have some similar interests as you as we always holiday doing something ‘outside’ and have past experience cottaging (as you do) and since my folks sold there place we have evolved from canoe tripping, car camping, tent trailer and more recently a hybrid. I see you have a nice hybrid too and you probably like it for the same reason we do – extra space and comfort along with the breeze that only a tent screen can provide for that great summer sleep. Anyways, my goal for a mid-jury 2 day weekend was to stick close to Newmarket where we live while maximizing the benefits of a decent park. I have no time for the close parks to Newmarket in the prime real estate dates of July of August. I don’t mind going to Sibbald Point or Earl Rowe for a quick spring or fall getaway but not in July. We are always looking to find new parks as well, just like you. So that brings us to Oastler this year. I was looking at 222 and 223 but thought there was no way i’d get our 23 foot hybrid on either site. I then saw your post with pics of your 21 footer sitting safely on the site. In your opinion, can we fit the extra 2 feet. In looking at your photo it appeared to me that your back tires could have been pushed back another foot or two if they had to but your photos did not show the eastern side (or back wall) of your hybrid and how much room those tires may have had. Based on your best memories do you think we can tuck our 23 footer in. Its a Jayco x23b by the way, not that that matters. Any advice would be helpful and i look forward to bumping into you one of these years at one of the parks. All advice welcome. Thank you Nate. Rod

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