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Hello! My name is Nate Meyer, and I currently live in London, Ontario, Canada. I enjoy the outdoors ALOT. Camping, hunting, exploring, cottaging. I have a passion for all things mechanical. Cars and Trucks have always interested me. I enjoy playing guitar. I enjoy being a father, and husband. My wife Tessa and I really enjoy camping.  We have a 2007 19′ Surveyor 192T.  We enjoy driving through small towns on the way to new parks.  We have a goal of visiting all the provincial parks, and have succeeded about 75% so far.   I try and write a review for each park that we visit, as I feel it helps others as they decided on which park to visit. You’ll find alot of my posts are about my trips and experiences in the outdoors. Here’s a picture or two of my Wife and I, followed by a picture of our son Jase.  And after that.. can’t forgot our 2 dogs.

You can email me at : nate@natemeyer.ca

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