Restoule Provincial Park Review

Review Date: August 2017

General Information / Location / Address

Restoule Provincial Park is located West of Highway 11, and North of Highway 522, and just North of the town Restoule.  It’s located on the shores of Restoule Lake.  It’s a fairly remote area, and wildlife is abundant!

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8818 Highway 534
P0H 2R0

Entry / Layout

After a long, winding, and beautiful ride around Restoule Lake on Highway 534, you arrive at the front gates.  Park your rig and go inside to register.  After the front gates, you turn LEFT at the intersection to get to the 3 campgrounds.  Kettle Point, Putts Point, and Bells Point.  Each campsite has it’s own bathroom, and the primary beach is at Putts Point.

General Discussion

The campground is deep in the Ontario forest.  Trees are large, and the forest is thick.  The ground cover is basically forest floor, with pine needles.  I didn’t see many grass campsites, which is good IMO.

We stayed in Kettle Point Campground, on site 440.  This campground is sloped towards the lake, so the closer you camp to the lake, the closer you are to water level.  Which also means there is a bit of run off from higher up sites.  Our site, 440, had a path to the water, but we didn’t go swimming here as there was lots of seaweed sticking up. It was ALMOST swampy, but not exactly.  I suspect the majority of other sites right on the water here have similar seaweedy waterfront.  We picked this site because according to the map, the beach and swimming area was directly beside us.  This is NOT the case.  Beside 440 is a small parking lot, with a path that goes over to Putts Point, where the beach is.  I would say the edge of the beach / swimming area is still about 400 meters away from the campsite.  As well, the path crosses over this small stream, and there’s no bridge.  However, the campsites right on the water are still neat, as you can see a bit of the water from the campsite, which is always a great.

Except the beach path, there are no other paths connecting Kettle Point to Putts Point, so you’ll need to head back to the main road, then over to Putts Point if you want to walk around there.  We walked through the other two campgrounds, but I don’t know enough to really talk about them.  If you want to be near the beach, camp at Putts Point.  According to the map, the boat launch is in Bells Point, as well as the dog beach.

All three campgrounds have a small parking area right on the water, with a couple of docks at each.  It’s nice to walk down to the docks, and see the lake.

As I mentioned above, the beach is on Putts Point.  The beach area is fairly large, and there is some parking right down at the beach.  It’s a little bit rocky getting into the water, and there was quite the breeze when we were there.  I think I remember seeing a volley ball net at the beach.

Best Campsites

  • The campsites down by the water, on Kettle Point are good.  Fairly large, and right on the water.  There is about 8-14 meters of forest between you and the water.  Some sites the forest is too thick to even see the water

Hiking / Biking

  • We went on the Fire Trail.  It goes up to the bluffs on the lake, and has an amazing view!  As you get on the trail, stick to the LEFT to get to the bluffs.  It’s a fairly easy trail, but there is a steep climb towards the end.  It took about 1 hour to get in, and out.


  • Water sites
  • Beautiful area, and very remote
  • Sites in Kettle are nice and large


  • Not sure there are many activities here?


This is a really remote park, which is really neat.  Camping in Northern Ontario is awesome, because of the fresh air, and abundant wildlife.  I wish that the campsites were closer to the water.  The fire trail is great because the view is awesome!  I enjoyed this park, but because of how far it is, may not return for a while.

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