Grundy Lake Provincial Park Review

Review Date: June 2017

General Information / Location / Address

Grundy Lake Provincial Park is located just East of Highway 69, and north of Highway 522. It’s located between Gurd Lake, Grundy Lake, and Clear lake.

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Entry / Layout

You enter the park off of Highway 522. The park gate comes up after about 2-300 meters. If you have registered already, you can keep RIGHT, if you are there to register, keep LEFT. There is lots of large parking for your rig. After the front gates, the road goes past the garbage area and the the dumping station on your left. If you are looking for fresh water for your trailer, you can turn left at the dumping area, or just keep going straight and the fresh water will be on your right. After that, you’ll get the road to White Birch, Jack Pine, and Balsam on your left. If you keep straight, you’ll get to the main beach, and the visitor center. After that, the road continues on to White Spruce, Hemlock, Trailer, Red Maple, and Poplar campgrounds.

Balsam, Jack Pine and White Birch share one comfort station in the middle of all three campgrounds.  Those campgrounds also have vault toilets throughout.  There are two other comfort stations.  One is near the main beach, accessible to White Spruce, Hemlock, and White Pine, the other one is slightly north, accessible to Trailer, Red Maple, and Poplar.  Each campground here also has vault toilets throughout.  Trailer and poplar has their own beach, as does Balsam.  Note – You can see a beach area in White Pine, but when standing on the main beach, I don’t see any beach sand beside White Pine.  I’m wondering if the high water washed away the beach there? Someone else needs to confirm in the comments.  As well, I didn’t go into Jack Pine, or White Birch, so I don’t know of the condition of the beach there.  There is also a main beach on the side of the road between Gut Lake, and Grundy Lake.  More on the beaches below.


General Discussion

This park is located on 4 lakes.  The forest here is fairly thick, so privacy on each site should be decent.  The shores of each lake are mainly grassy and in some areas rocky.

We stayed in Trailer Campground.  It has it’s own beach, and has a grassy area beside the water.  The majority of the sites are pull through trailer sites.  Privacy is OK but not great on all the sites.  The floor of the sites closest to the water are typical forest floor, bare, and pine needles, where as the sites away from the water have a grass floor.  There is a comfort station within walking distance.  Note that the beach doesn’t extend all the way across Trailer as seen in the parks map.  The beach is only in front of sites 236 and 235.  The rest is just grassy area, with some trees.  This grassy area is still nice to sit on, and view the lake, etc.  Note that trailer campground floods really bad when there is rain.  50% of the sites are completely under water, and there are HUGE puddles in the road that even some people wouldn’t drive through.  It’s wet, and soggy here.

We moved from Trailer to Hemlock half way through our stay as it is a lot dryer.  Hemlock is a bit of a maze to get through.  Sites 106 108 are the low spots, and there is some water running through the forest in this area.  But majority of the other spots are fairly dry.  Right beside site 113 is a nice rocky open area right on the water.  This is a nice area to site, and look across the lake.  115 116 117 118 120 are right across the road from the water.  There are some trees between you and the water, but it’s still a nice area.  Rain water WILL flow through your site to get to the water.  These sites are a bit slanted.  I don’t think you’ll be swimming in the lake here, but it’s more of a spot to put your canoe in.

I drove through Poplar, and didn’t like it very much.  The floor of the sites seemed to be mostly grass.  The forest didn’t seem very thick here.  White Spruce was mainly small tent camping sites, some of them with great views of Gut Lake.  I didn’t drive through any other campground.

Lot’s of people like to jump off the rocks into Gut lake.  The entrance to do this is between sites 22 and 24.  Follow the trail, and stick to the right.  I wasn’t sure which rocks to jump off of, as nobody was there.  But I found a rock that looked pretty worn down, and jumped.  There is a spot to climb up also.  I talked to the front desk about this, and they said they don’t recommend it, as people have gotten hurt.  But I don’t think they actively patrol it, and kick people off.

On the main road coming in, there is a beach on your left.  There are about 4-5 parking spots, and more parking spots across the road.  It’s obviously a man made beach, but still decent to sit on during the day.  There were a few kids that had leaches on them from swimming in the water, so just be careful about that.  Same with the beach in Trailer.  In between White Sprice and Hemlock, is where the dog beach is.  I don’t think there is actually a beach here, but the dogs can run around, and in the water.  There is parking here, and a turn around spot.

The main road coming into the site is really bumpy.  Lots of roots sticking through, and pot holes.  The camp roads seem to be bumpy as well, and when it rains, they all fill with water.

The park wardens do their typical drive-by’s twice in the evening.  They never seemed to concerned about anything as they drive by.

Dumping stations are on your right as you leave the park, and so are the garbage bins.

Outside the park, right across the road is a large store.  It has gas, and small groceries etc.  They also rent canoes here, and the canoes can be delivered, and picked up right to your campsite.

Grundy also rents cabins.  One of the cabins is right beside the main beach, up on a hill.  Seems like a cool place to rent!

Best Campsites

  • The sites on the water in Trailer are decent, because you can walk across the road and be right on the water.  But it’s very wet here when it rains
  • We liked sites 158, 114, 113 and 111 in Hemlock.  They are near a big clear rock area right on the side of the river.
  • The water sites in White Spruce have great views of the lake.
  • There are other nice sites, but I didn’t drive around and tally them.

Hiking / Biking

  • Check out the Swan Lake Trail.  It’s a shorter trail, and has some cool board walks.  There is also a spot where you climb up on a large rock, and overlook the trail. Very neat.
  • Beside the Poplar Lake comfort station, is a road that continues North.  It goes to a remote lake, where people put their canoes in.  Take a hike, or bike up here.  Actually, there is nothing much to see once you get there, but it’s a nice hike or bike.



  • All the lakes are cool. Great scenary, etc
  • Up north, lots of wildlife, thick forests
  • Lots of sites right on the water
  • Good canoeing
  • Comfort stations are great, and accessible
  • Lot’s of activities at the visitor center in the park


  • It’s wet.  When it rains, lots of sites flood
  • Beaches are meh.  But, who goes here for the beaches really?
  • Roads are in rough shape

Surrounding Area Activities

  • Check out the French River Visitor Center.  It has a cool museum, which is free with your Parks reservation. There is also a really neat suspension bridge.  As well, take a hike down to Recollet Falls.  A 2.7km hike each way down to a neat water falls.
  • Check out the French River Trading Post. It’s a souvenir store north of the French River.
  • East of the park entrance, is a logging road that goes right up to the Pickerel River.  It’s a cool drive. And the river is really neat to see.  There is a bridge, and water falls.  You don’t need 4×4.  Below is a video I made of this logging road:


  • I like this park because of how north, and remote it is.  Being in the middle of 4 lakes provides great canoeing, and views of the water.  The hiking trails are neat, but there are no cliff views, etc.  We went up when it rained for weeks straight, and it was like camping in a rain forest. Very moist, wet and soggy.  The swimming and beaches aren’t great, but the kids still enjoyed it!

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