Halloween at Pinery Provincial Park, Oct 2015

This was our fourth visit to Pinery for their Halloween weekend, and we had a great time!  I was stressing the whole weekend about the rain expected the whole day Saturday, but luckily, it only rained for about 30 minutes total all day!

We arrived Thursday morning, and the park was bare.  We were on site 799, in Riverside 4.  I’d bet there was 2-3 other people there when we arrived.  The weather for Thursday and Friday was awesome!  Sunny, and 16 degrees.  We went on a few hikes, and enjoyed some company Thursday night.  We even got to watch the Arborists taking limbs down way up in the trees.  This occupied my attention for a couple hours!

Friday came, and the weather was just as good.  I started setting up some tarps for Saturday, as there was 60% chance of rain the whole day.  I also enjoyed watching all the trailers pull in, and fill the park!  I would say R4 was at 95% capacity Friday night.  The early arrivers even started setting up their decorations Friday night, we lead to a great walk around the park in the evening.

Saturday morning arrived, and it was raining!  Our guests arrived, and we sat under the tarp for 20 minutes until the rain stopped.  It didn’t rain again until 8pm!  This was unexpected, but we embraced it!  We spent the majority of the day setting up, and even had time to go for a nice walk around the grounds.

The kids started arrived particularly early.  I would say they started around 530pm, and it was fairly bright still.  That’s OK, as we were prepared.  I believe our neighbours counted 290 kids!  After the kids stopped coming, we then walked to the two larger sites.  Site 717 was having a pirate theme, and the trail on the east end of the campground had a haunted trail.

Pinery did a great job hosting us all.  The park ranger were driving around throughout the night.  I think I saw them 3-4 times.

It was a great weekend overall!  I just love everyones mood at this time of year.  Everyone seems that so much happier to be camping in October.

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