Oliphant Beach, Ontario, Review

I wanted to write up a small review or guide about going to Oliphant for the beach.  Oliphant is just north of Sauble Beach about 5 minutes.  I intended to take pictures of the beach, to help explain and review it, but I forgot to take detailed pictures, so will have to just use the ones I have.

I wouldn’t really call this a lush, sandy beach.  The water part of the beach is great, because the deepest it gets is about 1.5 feet.  You can’t get any deeper unless you walk out 1/4 mile.  Great for kids, etc.  There are a couple spots on the beach with sand, but for the most part, it’s short grassy areas, with sand.  Sitting on a chair is fine, but some spots might not be the best with a beach blanket.  I think the reason why this place is so great, is because you can drive right on the beach, and it’s less busy then Sauble Beach.

Here is a photo of our setup the first time we went:


This is about what the beach looks like for the most part.

Here’s a picture from Google Maps, that shows the entrance, the beach, and some water crossings you can take to get to a more private beach.


The X on the above picture marks the entrance to the beach.  Any car or truck can get to the main part of the beach, no problems.  Some people back their vehicle to the water, some park and on the other side of the path, and walk to beach.

The yellow shaded areas is the beach area.

If you have a truck, or 4×4 (i even saw a honda crv go through), you can continue driving down the beach, but will have to cross a couple water crossings.  The deepest I saw it get is about 1 foot, maybe slightly higher.  If you can get through this, you can access a very private section of the beach, at the end of the above yellow shaded areas.  See below for our setup on this day:



This area of the beach is mainly grassy, but most people setup their chairs in the shallow water anyway.

It’s just a neat place to come, and get in the water!


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