Wheatley Provincial Park Review

Review Date: August 2013

General Information / Location
Wheatley Provincial Park is located on Lake Erie, near Leamington, Ontario. For me, it’s a quick drive down highway 401. It’s also really close to Point Pelee National Park.

Wheatley Provincial Park
Box 640
Wheatley, Ontario
N0P 2P0

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Entry / LayoutWH.Overview

After a short trip from highway 401, and after going through the small town of Wheatley, you enter Wheatley Provincial Park. The park has 4 different areas. Boosey, Highlands, Middle Creek, Two Creeks. Each one has their own comfort station, and amenities. The campsites seem to center around the creeks. Each one is equal distance of a walk to the beach.

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General Discussion

When I think of a provincial park that’s close to the great lakes, I don’t think it’s a “Forest” park.  I think of it more as a “beach” park.  Lots of sand, open sites, etc, etc.  Wheatley is a combination of a beach park, and a forest park.  Just driving into the park is neat, because you are driving through huge trees.  Yes, there are some open campgrounds, but alot of them have alot of tree cover.

We stayed in Middle Creek Campground, and we liked it.  We found a nice site on the inside of the road, with a lot of tree’s and shade.  Their aren’t tons of private sites here, it’s really a hit and miss.  Some sites have great tree cover, and other sites have alot of bushes instead of tree.  Highlands, Middle Creek, and Two Creeks are all basically the same as far as quality, and privacy goes.  I didn’t make my way over to Boosey at all, so can’t comment on those sites.  All sites seem to be fairly flat, which is good for trailers.  When I first tried to pick a campsite, I wanted one beside the creek, as thought it would give a good view of the water, etc.  Well, the creek is barely a creek, and more of a very weedy swamp.  Unless you have a canoe, their really no point in getting a site along the creek.  Of course, this is just my opinion.  From what I could tell from walking the road, theirs not much water in those creeks.

MOSQUITOS!  They are bad!  Mosquito’s breed in standing water, and theirs plenty of that with the creeks nearby.  Their were mosquito’s out ALL DAY, and not just in the evening.  Also, whenever I was at the beach, their were bugs that bit.  No idea what kind of bugs those were.

The beach is terrible.  It’s mostly small pebbles, and not much sand.  Getting into the water is tricky because of a steep drop-off, and the bottom is mainly rocks.  However, the parking lot for the beach is right at the beach, so it’s kinda neat you can have your car so close.  Their is also a steep cliff you have to walk down to get to the beach, but their are pathways provided.  I would suggest going down to the very end, and park near the circle.  The cliff height drops off, and theirs alot more sand there.

There is a comfort station in each campground, with flush toilets, and showers.  There are also a few vault toilets around.

I believe their are a few hiking trails, you can find these in the camp magazine.  These trails aren’t amazing, more of just a path around the creek.

There are a few picnic shelters around, with BBQ’s, so it might be worth coming for a day, and enjoying the view of the lake.

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Best Campsites


– Tree’s, and beach in the same campground. (However, not the greatest beach)

– Clean park, and walking across the bridge across the creek is neat


– Beach is terrible

– Mosquito’s everywhere

Surround Area Activities


I think it’s worth going to this park once or twice.  It’s nowhere near my favorite park, but it’s worth coming here.  I enjoyed the bridge across the creeks, and enjoyed some of the larger trees.  It’s not a spot where you’d sit at the beach all day, but it’s cool to walk around, and check out the creeks, and the views of the lake.

8 thoughts on “Wheatley Provincial Park Review

  1. Hi. Thanks for the very helpful site. I have some tips for you. When a word has an “s” at the end because it is talking about more than one thing, you don’t need an apostrophe. You should write “trees” not “tree’s”. Also, “their” means “belonging to them”, not “that place”. If you can follow these two simple rules, people will enjoy your writing much more. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for this review! We are looking for a campground near point peele, but I am afraid that it may be too buggy. Do you suggest a different campground in this area? Thnx!

    • I’m only familiar with the Provincial Parks, and other then Rondeau, there’s nothing that close. You could head north up to Pinery. I did fine Rondeau less buggy then Wheatley.

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