My story, review and guide about winning CAMVAP against Chrysler Canada

**SPOILER ALERT** – I WON!  I won against Chrysler Canada, and they were forced to buy back my 2012 Dodge Ram, full price without any deductions.  Read below!

I wanted to write about my experience with CAMVAP, because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of written, detailed stories out there. Most of the story’s on the blogs, or forums regarding CAMVAP aren’t finished, or don’t describe other peoples experiences in detail. I want to write, and tell about my experience CAMVAP, and Chrysler Canada. So below, I have written a review, a guide, and a story all mixed together about my experience with CAMVAP. So here it goes, hang in there, it’s a little long!

On August 18, 2012, I bought a 2012 Dodge Ram, 4×4, 5.7L HEMI, from Dale Wurfel in Strathroy, Ontario. To make a REALLY long story short, shortly after taking delivery of the truck, the engine would produce a low end, dull knocking noise whiling idling. This knocking noise was constant. Whether it was warm, cold, or hot. It ALWAYS did it. As well, the transfer case would grind and bang after switching to 4×4.

Here are the 2 videos of my issues.

1) Engine knocking

2) Transfer case grinds when using 4WD

I immediately notified Dale Wurfel, and they offered NO help at all. In fact, the service manager told me to go elsewhere. I wrote a detailed story / review about Dale Wurfel here. This link tells the story of the troubles I had with this dealership. You can get an idea of what I went through trying to service my BRAND NEW truck. TL;TR: They did ZERO troubleshooting, and told me to take it elsewhere.

I decided to take the truck to Oxford Dodge for them to have a look at it. Well, that didn’t really help either. I wrote a detailed story / review about Oxford Dodge HERE. This link tells the story of what happened at Oxford Dodge. TL;TR: Oxford Dodge rebuilt a brand new motor, then replaced the short block, then rebuilt the transfer case, then changed the front axle, but still couldn’t get the 2 original problems corrected. It seemed like they had no idea what they were doing, or how these trucks work.

During all these dealership visits, I was also corresponding with Chrysler Canada Corporate. This is important! CAMVAP isn’t about resolving a dispute between YOU and the DEALER. It’s about resolving a dispute between YOU and the MANUFACTURER. If you’re having problems with the dealership, not fixing your vehicle, or not fixing it properly, your first step is to call the manufacturer customer assistant line. They will assist you in getting your vehicle repaired properly. If the manufacturer is unable, or not willing to help, and you’ve given them, and the dealer ample time to fix your issue, that’s when you can use the assistants of CAMVAP. I see CAMVAP as your LAST RESORT.  CAMVAP is NOT a way to manipulate the dealer to fix your vehicle.  Don’t waste CAMVAPS time unless you are willing to put in the work to see it to completion. Make sure you exhaust all avenues with the dealer, and manufacturer first.  This might mean calling the manufacturer numerous times and pleading with them,. This is very important! Trust me!

Here’s a TIP: You bought the vehicle, and it’s yours to keep through THICK AND THIN! If you have a problem, let the dealership fix it. That’s what warranty is for! Cars and trucks have A LOT of moving parts, and sometimes things can go wrong. Don’t assume that because you have an issue within the first few weeks of ownership it automatically gets you an excuse to have a new vehicle, or your vehicle bought back. If you think this, most times it doesn’t result in this, and y0u’ll just stress yourself out. Alright, now onto the rest of my story.

A couple things come to mind when you’re in this stage:

  1. Keep a word document of everything that goes on at the dealer, and with manufacturer. Add everything that everyone says to this document, and create your own time line.
  2. Use a calendar to keep track of the days the vehicle goes into the shop, and days it comes out
  3. I would suggest voice recording ALL conversations, just in case. If this goes to arbitration, voice recordings are way better then ‘he said, she said’
  4. Give the dealer, or multiple dealers AMPLE opportunity to fix the problem. In my case, my truck was at the dealer for 12 visits. I understand that if you have a major issue, you don’t want it repaired, and just want a new vehicle, and your first instinct is to go to CAMVAP, and hope for a buy-back. This ain’t gonna happen! You MUST give the dealer time to fix the issue. And if they can’t, try a different dealer. You must show CAMVAP that you were willing to let the dealer do the repairs.
  5. Make sure you get Work Orders for ALL repairs. Also, make sure they are accurate, and have detailed information in them.
  6. Don’t threaten the dealership, or the manufacturer that you are going to contact CAMVAP.  It doesn’t work, and they don’t care.  It’s an empty threat to them, and most times they are right.  As well, don’t bother saying you are going to get a Lawyer.  Most times as soon as the manufacturer hears the word lawyer, they shut down, and send the case to legal.  Now your screwed unless you were actually going to contact a lawyer.

After all the failed repairs from Oxford Dodge, they got so frustrated in the truck, and gave up. They basically said that everything was fine, their are no problems, and refused to look at it any further. As well, Chrysler Canada gave up, and refused to allow a fix for my 2 issues. Chrysler Canada’s response was “Your vehicle is performing as intended, no further repair”. I begged them to continue trying to find the issue of the grinding noise, but they refused.

This is when I was basically forced to start the CAMVAP process. The dealership refused to look at my truck any further, as well as Chrysler Canada. I even made a few more calls to Chrysler Canada, and asked them to reconsider, and they would not. So, after fighting for 6-8 months regarding my engine knocking, and transfer case grinding, on May 2nd, I filled out a CAMVAP form to start the process for arbitration. If you feel that your ready for CAMVAP, first, READ THIS PDF. If gives you a great overview of how the process starts, and finished. It’s a MUST read!. After, when you’re ready, you can start the arbitration process using this link. Here, you fill out basic information about your case. After filling this out, a CAMVAP representative will contact you, and verify some information. They ask questions like, “How many times was the vehicle in the dealership”, and “Have you contacted the manufacturer”, etc, etc. I think at this point, they are trying to filter out any cases that aren’t yet ready for CAMVAP. If they feel your case is ready for CAMVAP, they send all this information to the Manufacturer. According to the above PDF, the manufacturer has 3 days to respond to your claim, and give a brief answer to your issues. Once this is complete, CAMVAP will send you a packet with all the information necessary to start the process. I received my packet via email, but I think sometimes they mail it. Give the CAMVAP office a call, and let them know how you prefer your package.

Once you received your packet, the first question you must ask yourself is if you want a buyback, or a repair. At first, I decided to ask for a repair. All I wanted was for Chrysler Canada to repair my truck properly so I could drive it. I think this option gives you a better chance of winning your arbitration. It shows CAMVAP that you are willing to allow the manufacturer to fix your issues, and your not just looking for a quick buy-back so you can buy a brand new truck. Proving, or showing the arbitrator that you allowed the dealer to repair the issue is very important! After some consideration, I decided that Chrysler Canada, and the dealership has had AMPLE time to fix my truck properly. This is when I decided on asking for a buy-back.

Here are my reasoning’s for asking for a buy-back, instead of a repair:

  1. After 72 days, and 12 dealership visits, that is enough time to fix a truck properly. What will ordering another repair accomplish if they already had 72 days?
  2. After 2 engines, 1 transfer case, 1 front axle, I was concerned with the resale value of the truck. I was concerned that if I brought the truck to a dealer for a trade-in, they would use this repair history against me and offer a lower value.
  3. Since I was still having the issues, how could I ethically sell this truck to someone else down the road?
  4. I really didn’t feel Chrysler Canada knew what was causing this problem, and didn’t think they could fix it properly.

Because of those reasons alone, I felt I had a good case to prove that a buy-back was the best, and most fair option for everyone.

Along with the form inside the packet, you must send all Work Orders that you’ve accumulated during your dealings with the dealership. If you have any other evidence, send it in with the form. Any pictures, videos, recordings, articles that support your theories, etc, etc. All these details get passed along to the arbitrator, as well as the manufacturer.

** NOTE! – Once you sign this form, and send it back, you are agreeing to the rules of arbitration. If you lose, you are bound to that decision. Keep this in mind! If you give a bad presentation, and lose, the manufacturer doesn’t have to fix your vehicle down the road if the issue continues. Maybe, instead of CAMVAP, your better off driving it for a few months, and maybe revisiting the issue later down the road. Or maybe wait till the issue gets a lot worse, and easier to convince the dealer to fix it! **

After sending in all forms, and evidence, and WO’s, CAMVAP then sends everything to the manufacturer. According to the above PDF, the manufacturer has 10 business days to send back their “answer”, as well as any documents, or evidence they have collected. In my case, their answer was “To the best of our knowledge, Consumers vehicle is performing as intended at this time.” They also list everyone they plan to send to the hearing. Basically, you, and the manufacturer are “disclosing” any evidence you have on one another.

After about 1 month, CAMVAP called, and gave me a hearing date which was only about 2 weeks away. I was expecting it to be months away, so I felt unprepared. However, I was determined to give a good, thorough presentation, and do my best at telling the arbitrator my story.

A couple tips that come to mind, when you’re preparing, and giving your presentation:

  1. Read this website – It’s about another person who went through CAMVAP, and won. He shares a lot of good tips on how to present your case, and gives a list of what to do, and what not to do.
  2. Go to the CAMVAP website, and read through EVERYTHING! They also give some great tips on things to say, and things not to say. This is really important. I strongly urge you to read everything here. It even gives you an outline of what the hearing will look like, and really helps when you’re putting your presentation together.
  3. Get a piece of bristol board, and tape monthly calendars to it. Use this to place an X on the day that anything happens. Example: If your truck goes into the dealership, X. If you have to call the manufacturer, X, etc, etc. It really gives a good picture of the amount of time you put in getting this truck fixed.
  4. Type out your presentation in full, with all dates the trucks went into the shop, and all dates that you corresponded with Dealer or Manufacturer. This is basically your oral presentation that you will read from during the presentation. The reason why it’s good to have this paper, is because the arbitrator can take it afterwards, and have something to review when they make their decision. This is important, and it helped 100% in my case.
  5. Like the CAMVAP website says, and the blog above, create a route from the meeting place, and make sure you can duplicate the issues your having. It’s very important to show the arbitrator the issues with you vehicle. So practice and make sure these issues appear during your hearing.
  6. Remember, the arbitrator is NOT a technical expert. So, if you need to bring diagrams to help illustrate your issue, then do so. Also, you can find articles on the internet that help prove your issue is a problem. Print these articles out, and submit them as evidence. (Just make sure you also submit this article with your CAMVAP form, along with Work orders, etc)
  7. Practise, Practise, Practise. Read through your presentation numerous times until you are completely comfortable with it.
  8. Avoid slander in your presentation. The arbitrator isn’t concerned about all the bad things the dealer said to you when you were in for repair. However, sometimes you need to show the arbitrator the struggles you went through with the dealer. Just make sure you tell about it in a tasteful way. Just remember, your problems should be between YOU, and the MANUFACTURER. Stick to the story!
  9. Don’t think you can go into CAMVAP and just wing it. Seriously, put some effort into your presentation, and really show the arbitrator the struggles you’ve been through so far. Convince him!

My hearing was scheduled for August 31, 2013. It was set for 10am. I arrived at the hotel around 930, and went into the hotel meeting room. To my surprise, someone was already there. I introduced myself, and setup my presentation. I had an stand brought in the room to hold my bristle board calendar. I also had my presentation, and my articles, all set out. I also had the above videos, and pictures of the engine damage on my iPad, all ready to go. The arbitrator arrived, and basically give us an idea of what’s going to happen here. He also described what an Arbitrator is. We then swore to tell the truth, etc, etc. It was pretty laid back. He asked whether we wanted to demonstrate the noise on the truck first, or go right into my presentation. I asked if I could go ahead, and start presenting.

Here is a photo of my calendar.





The premise of my presentation was to convince the arbitrator that I had been through enough, and that further repairs were not fair to me as a consumer. I was to convince the arbitrator that these previous repairs hinder my future warranty, and resale value. So I centered my presentation around proving, or convincing this. This is important! Before creating your presentation, or story, figure out what you want to tell, or convince. Create a premise that your presentation resolves around, and incorporate that premise in with your story, or timeline.

I started out with an opening argument. It basically gives the arbitrator an idea of what’s to come. It’s almost a summary. After the opening statement, I went right into my presentation. I read my presentation on paper, while looking up at the Arbitrator, and marking off the calendar. Every time I had a correspondence with anyone, I added it to the calendar. During the presentation the Arbitrator did ask a few questions, trying to understand the timeline. Also during the presentation, I showed pictures of what I collected, as well as the videos of my problems. My presentation took about 30-40 minutes to go through.

My presentation was about 16 pages.  It basically gives the whole story from the start, to the end.  I tried my hardest to keep on point, and short.  A lot of the point I had to make need to show that this whole process was extremely frustrating, and going through it again for a repair was not wanted.

Once my presentation was finished, CAMVAP said it was now the manufacturers turn to speak, and tell their side of the story. In my case, my presentation, and story was so compelling, that the Manufacturer didn’t have ANYTHING to say or add. He did say that he was disgusted, and flabbergasted by Chrysler Canada’s behavior and decisions. He said it was mind boggling how they decided to rebuild that engine, instead of replacing it completely. I think he was a little embarrassed about representing Chrysler Canada. He was however interested in hearing the knocking noise, and grinding noise.

So, after the presentations we went out to the parking lot, so the manufacturer, and the arbitrator could hear the noises in question. (Previous to this hearing, I figured out that the best way to hear the noise, is a short drive after starting the truck in the morning. So the night before the hearing, I left the truck at the hotel, so I could cold start it in the morning.) I started the truck, and the 3 of us went for a drive around the block. When we got back, the knocking noise was very evident. The manufacturer listened to the noise, and didn’t know what was causing it. He said in order to determine that, a engine tear down would be needed. We also discussed the grinding noise, and I explained that I couldn’t demonstrate that noise right now, because it only happens on snow, ice or mud. I also said that I’m not comfortable reproducing this grinding noise on dry pavement, or anything other then a very slippery surface, because of the damage that happens to the transfer case when this noise occurs.

The arbitrator also did a walk around of the truck, looking for any damage to the vehicle. We then signed a piece of paper showing their was no damage, or visible scratches.

We came back in, and finished up the case. The arbitrator asked both myself, and the manufacturer what we thought about a technical inspection. I said I would be willing to do that, but just like the manufacturer recently said, the inspector would have to tear the engine down, to find out where the noise was coming from. I explained that another repair, or inspection is what I’m trying to avoid, since it’s been repaired and inspected for 72 days already. We talked about the buy-back amount, and made sure both myself, and the manufacturer agreed on the amount in case their was a buy-back. I handed out my presentation to the arbitrator so he had something to review when he was making his decision. He said he would review everything, and make his decision within 14 days.

Well, on August 9th, CAMVAP sent me the award from the arbitrator. It was a lengthy award, demonstrating why the arbitrator made the decision to award a buy back.

I won! I received a buy-back of my Dodge RAM in FULL, with no deductions of use! The arbitrator ruled on my side. The process took exactly 1 year to complete. 6-8 months fighting with dealerships, and manufacturer, and the rest going through the CAMVAP process. It was such a relief!

On August 23, I received a call from Oxford Dodge saying they have a cheque waiting for me, in the full amount of the truck. I simple drove the truck there, handed in the keys, and walked away with the cheque.

I have learnt A LOT about the CAMVAP process, and how dealers and manufacturers handle the process. If you have any questions at all, please email me, or comment on this story. I will do my best to help out!

The best part?  I got to trade my RAM in for a Ford F-150.  LOVE IT so far!



33 thoughts on “My story, review and guide about winning CAMVAP against Chrysler Canada

  1. hi, i was reading your story and im very happy for you. im going to same situation as yours…i bought a brand new car from honda on august 3 2013 and 2 weeks having my car and did my first car wash i notice that theres paint chipping off my back bumper, i notify the dealer right away and told me that they will fix and repaint the whole bumper…when i was about to pick up my car and did some walk around i noticed that theirs paint chipping off on the body of my car so i quicly notify the dealer right away before i even get in to my car and called the manufacturer and told them that paint on my car are cipping off and they offered me to paint the car again…this time i refused because my car is brand new and a month in my possesion so i told them NO as it will deprecite the value of my car and i bought a brand new car so i expect nothing less. now both dealer and manufacturer left me no choice but to paint the car again but i dont want to so i went to camvap made a report. what are the chances of me winning this to get a brand new replacement or to get my money back?

      • CAMVAP is supported by the manufactures. The arbitrators are neutral. Your comments are common from people who lose by an unprepared or unwarranted presentation. Sorry, just being frank.

        • Sorry I dont, agree, the arbitrator was the one who found the problem, 20,000 increase on odometer.. but when push comes to shove, the arbitrator, wiil rule for the company, ….and the end of the day, the arbitrator, is never held accountable, ….so it,s all a big joke, and buying time ….and then omvic, another joke, ….said my problem wasn, t bad enough, to look into …only if you take it to court…which ended in court, against the mechanic, and owner …but Judge, had to sent it to supreme court, so Chrysler ,s big lawyers, would be on board and you better have $10 000 to throw away… as we all know ….CAMVAP…AND OMVIC a front for corruption

      • you are so right, went to camvap for electric problems, …then to omvic as the dealership had increased my odometer, for 20, 000 klm, in an 8 hrs at the dealership, in Brampton, took it to small claims court, a waste of time, was told by the judge it has to go to supreme court as it is fraud,,,,and we all know how deep corporation lawyers pockets are and the victim, dosen,t have a hope in hell …not to mention, I was an employee also …its all set up to squash the victim

      • I completely agree that they are a joke. They definitely work for the auto industry. I had excellent well prepared case for a lemon Mercedes and I brought it to them and they made a mess of it. I ended up with a lawyer. It took time but I got all my money back plus. Not impressed with camvap at all, in my opinion they were a complete waste of my time. I even went to the office at St. Clair E Toronto to meet them and I was rather disappointed with the whole experience and with the nonsense they tried to get me to believe.

  2. Hmm.. That’s a hard one. See, the dealer is still willing to work with you by repainting the vehicle. Yes, ethically or morally maybe you should get a new car, but dealerships don’t really work on morals. And to be honest, I’m not sure CAMVAP does either. Whether you like the repair method or not, because the dealership and manufacturer are willing to work with you by facilitating a repair, I think CAMVAP will side with them. I had a bad motor at 1,000 kms, and 2 weeks. I didn’t want a replaced motor in my brand new truck, but at this point, I didn’t have a choice. All the manufacturer has to do is warranty the vehicle. They are not obliged to replace it if you don’t like the type of repair. Now, if the dealership, and manufacturer refused to do ANY work, then you might have a case. If you decide to go through with a buy-back, I would argue that painting the vehicle in a dealer shop isn’t as good as in the factory. Argue that you think the resale value will go down. To be honest, I’m willing to bet CAMVAP will just order a repair, which is what the manufacturer is offering. One other thing to note, is what if you lose at camvap? Then the dealership and manufacturer aren’t responsible for anything. They legally now don’t have to repaint your vehicle. I’m thinking I would just take the repaint, and not risking losing at CAMVAP.

  3. Did you financed your truck, if you did, did you get all the monthly payments that you already made? Reason why I’m asking is I’m going to camvap and just waiting for the date but I’m worried that if I win the buy back I’m not sure if I will get all the monthly payments and down payment that I already paid. My car is 5 months old with 5700km. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

    • Hello Jason. what a story ….only 5 months old …I have just gone through camvap after 18 months ….very disapointing …did not win my case I will put my case on the website also a long story an an ex chrysler employee Chrysler has been the nightmare of my life have a great wknd

  4. Jason, yes my truck was financed. I did get ALL the money back I spent on the truck. I bought it for $35,000, and 1 year, 16,000kms later, I got a check for $35,000. However…, when going through CAMVAP, they will talk about adjusting the buy-back price, and subtracting some money because the truck has been used. On their website, they have a calculator that you can enter your details in, and it will give you the buy-back amount. It’s usually like $1,000 every 5,000 kms. I didn’t get an adjusted amount, because I proved that I deserved the WHOLE amount, with no adjustments.

  5. Hi there, Im reading your story and I am very happy for the outcome of your arbitration. I’ll be going to arbitration soon and I’m nervous as I am not good presenting my self. I’m just wondering if I can have a copy of your presentation so that I can have an idea how to present my self with the arbitrator. Here’s my email thanks and I appreciate it so much if you can do that for me.

  6. Hi Nate I have had an issue for my honda , the manufacturer offered me car replacement with new one through camvap after hearing date and the arbitrator confirmed our agreement for replacement deal, later on the manufacturer no longer keep his offer as he said the new offered vehicle not available in stock . My question is , does the arbitrator will going to change the award from car replacement to buy back? If so the claimed vehicle has 17700km and on use for less than one year , is there any amount reduction to be considered on buy back calculation? Pleas let me know through your experience with camvap Thank you Jon Lee

  7. Hey Nate, Thanks for putting this info out there. I purchased a used Ford F-150 Ecoboost with 64,000km on August 28th 2014 from a dealer in Vancouver, BC. The truck exhibited a loud rattling noise on cold start less than 16 hours after delivery. The truck now makes this noise almost daily with every cold start and I have a hard time believing nobody at the selling dealership heard this issue in the 2 months the truck spent on their lot. Long story short… The truck has a stretched timing chain as confirmed by another Ford dealer and many, many others who have the same noise and problem (well documented on video, forums, and a new TSB) Over the last 2 months my truck has spent 17 days at my local Ford dealer just getting diagnosed (they need to keep it too cold start it) then once they diagnosed the issue as “timing chain noise” Ford Engineering denied the repairs on my truck. What is funny is that I have remaining power train warranty and a 5 year extended service plan as well. Now they have released a new TSB that covers my issue but because my cam timing isn’t out over 5 degrees “yet” (it’s just under 1 degree out) they are not stepping up and doing the repair. I’m stuck with a truck that I know has a problem, the selling dealer knows has a problem, my local dealer knows it has a problem and even Ford Canada knows this truck has a problem but nobody is willing to fix this truck until total failure occurs. Once the truck begins making this noise it fails! There are dozens of cases on the forums to support this and now dozens of YouTube videos as well. The Ford dealer who sold this truck to me advertised this vehicle in “tip top” condition and after all of my hassle the last 2 months only to have them deny any repairs has been frustrating. This truck was purchased to tow my trailers and outdoor gear long distances across the province and it’s very obvious with a pending engine failure looming that it would be insane to suggest I use this truck as intended. I am getting no enjoyment out of the truck currently as I wait for my engine to fail to a point that Ford is willing to make the repair. With the current issues with the motor I have zero confidence in driving this truck. I don’t want a buybuck but would sure like the selling dealer to step up and fix my truck to the standard they advertised it. So far the selling dealers service manager has already denied me repairs, they have not answered my phone calls or emails. Now that the new TSB has been released, further supporting my issue they still won’t call back or reply to emails. Out of desperation I contacted the dealer principal and actually got through. The conversation was brief but he assured me he was looking into my issues. That was 3 days ago… Still no reply. Camvap seems like my next logical choice. You can read about my truck and see the videos here:

  8. Hello Thank you for great information. I have problem with my new volswagen golf 20015 .I bought 2 weeks ago and after 300 km the light came if oil problem . So I checked for me was ok because was not min not max indicated . So after when i start the car the light waring disappear .Next day I go for disney and after 300 km show up again so checked the level was ok for me . Start car light disappear drive another 300 km show up ,so check on the book this was mean to high oil .Go for dealership they said is over maximum drained some oil out . When I was came back for florida about 500 km the light show up again . Check the oil and i saw some drop of wother on my dipstick . To day I am going to my dealership but in my opinion is engine problem . If yes I will be prefer return the car I do not need reper my new car with big manufacturing defect. What is your suggestion thank you so much.

  9. I have had no end of electrical problems with my 2014 Grand Cherokee Summit Diesel. Chrysler customer support have been completely useless to the point of being annoying. I have filed twice with CAMVAP but I do not get any response. It’s been to the dealer 9 times and they cannot resolve. The dealer now says they are stonewalled by Chrysler who are refusing to do anything further. The worst problem is my HVAC system does not come on when the vehicle is cold and I need it most.

    • Have you tried calling them at 1-800-207-0685. I found that they were always available to give me status updates, and make sure they received my request, etc, etc. It sounds like you have an issue with the manufacturer, and not specifically the dealership. This sounds perfect for CAMVAP. Follow the file process to the letter. Contact them afterwards to follow up. They have always answered for me.

      • I was reading these posts because my 2011 dodge durango has been at the garage for over one month after it caught fire following recall work and FCA won’t authorize repairs without a waiver!! No end to the problems we experienced!

    • Hello Mike I had the electrical problems, as my heat is on yr around ,,,can not turn it of I have 2010 grand cherokee with hemi …its just a nightmare ,,,,camvap useless ,,,omvic even worst .dealer ship increased my odomater by 20, 000 klm

  10. HI Nate, First ,thanks for sharing your experience with CAMVP really appreciate ,secondly ,i need your advise for whats the better way to take ,i bought Honda CRV SE 2015 brand new on August ,19 and after 6 days i was driving the car on the highway and when i reach a 100 km speed i felt a vibration on the steering wheel and front seats ,i contact the dealer right away and book an appointment with the service department who ask me to leave the car to test and see whats causing this issue , when i return back after a couple hours ,the service adviser says the problem is with the tiers balance and they fix it ,so i took the car and they gave me an invoice which is free of charge but mention that they test the car ,found the vibration and did 4 tiers balance and test it again the vibration gone ,fix it . i took the car and go back home ,next day i went on the highway and the vibration still there when i reach 100 km speed ,i contact the service adviser ,wasn’t there ,i left him msg explain the issue ,and i contact the sale person which suggest bring it back right away ,i did some browsing online and found that Honda in the US declare that there is a vibration issue with the new engine in the 2015 CRV and many costumer complain about it ,so i took it to the dealer ,i talked with the service manager who says well you are the third costumer who is having the same issue with their car same model ,and Honda Canada know about it and working on a solution to fix this issue and my be in four months so expect a solution on January to come up with a solution and it not an issue related to safety ,so i waited until he finished and i asked him ,its a brand new car and it should be out of any problem ,i can expect that if i bought a used car , beside you say Honda knew about it ,so why they keep sale it and they knew it has an issue ,if you wanna buy a car and you knew there is a problem with it will still wanna buy it ? of course no, you give me a paper saying that its a tier balance issue and you fix it,he said probably the guys may not know whats the problem!!!, he then apologize to me and said he can do nothing to me except that waiting for Honda to come up with a solution ,so i talked with HONDA CANADA ,first with an agent who offer nothing so i ask to talk to the manager or a person in charge ,whom i spoke with him today and he said, well its a normal characteristic feature with new honda engine and they can offer nothing to me ,i told him about all the story and how the service manager at the dealership said that honda know about it and am the third costumer who is having same issue ,he says well as i told you its a normal feature ,so i asked him ,if this is normal why you didn’t mention that in your website / why the dealer didn’t said that when i bought the car or when i took it to fix the issue ?and told either HONDA fix it ,change it , or take it bake and refund me , he keep say the same thing .so i don’t know what to do ,am so frustrated , i don’t know if CAMVP can help me or not ?

    • Did you end up going through CAMVAP. I have the same Honda issue as you but at idol. Just wondering on what happened with your issue.

  11. Hi I picked up my 2014 jeep patriot on June 14 2014. It seemed fine for the first week or so then all the problems started first the a/c not cold and the brakes pulling to the right about 1/4 turn on the steering wheel. they said the a/c was fine and no fault was found with the brakes. the next time in again with the a/c and it was low of Freon HMMMMMMM. So now I have had it in for the 13 time and its still in the shop for brakes, seat belts, a/c, weather strips around the doors, rear hatch pins not holding, engine vibration on going, strut with no gas HMMM, a cracked boot, rpms staying at 2000rpm at 50kor 30 mph now the key fobs not opening the doors, it seems to be an ongoing thing with them I have called Chrysler Canada 6 or 7 times they allways say sorry but don’t want to take any resposability or accountability for there product they put out. the lemon has only 6890km on it. So I’m going to have to go threw camvap . At one point I just wanted them to replace the lemon with a new patriot with out the lemon they refuse to. Now I don’t want anything to do with Chrysler and want my money back so I can buy something else. I hope camvap sees it my way I will be filing soon with them.

  12. I was just wondering if anyone knows why write offs aren’t considered for CAMVAP arbitrations? My 4 month old brand new vehicle caught fire on passenger side dash, while parked in my driveway overnight. THe adjuster (accepted by the Courts as a fire investigation expert) is convinced it was an electrical short, and that due to the exstensive nature of the fire, my vehicle is a write off. It doesn’t look like the dealer is going to honour the warranty, stating it’s an insurance claim for fire. I am waiting to hear from the manufacturer, but my next step may be CAMVAP if they woudl accept a write off claim…I would like the manufacturer to buy back my vehicle.

  13. I found your article after reading through the CAMVAP website… I’m considering filing a claim for my 2014 Dodge Charger. At 9k km, my car developed a shifting issue. The dealer did an update to the programming, which didn’t help. On the second visit, they pulled the transmission out of the car and tore it apart and found two broken valve bodies. At 18k kms the problem returned. On the third visit, they did another update, which didn’t do anything, and the transfer case developed a leak A couple of weeks later, I lost power to the steering and brakes on the way home from work, then the engine died and refused to start. A week in the garage to fix the drive train control module… But when I went to pick it up, the module burned out again and the car refused to start. 7 weeks later they fixed the leak in the transfer case and replaced the module again and the wiring harness. The transmission is still shifting badly and now the traction control light is on and the cruise control won’t work. So… My dilemma is this: the dealer is still trying to fix this car… Or at least going through the motions. And it’s not one problem… It’s a lot of different issues. The main issue is the transmission, and I think that all the other problems stem from their attempts to fix the transmission. I really don’t know what to do at this point. I’ve sent many emails to Chrysler and they just keep pushing me back to the dealer.

  14. Hi Nate thank you for sharing your experience with CAMVAP process and debate. I’m also in a this situation and I have received the Package from CAMVAP. Basically what’s happening is caused by an engineering defect . Snow, sand, salt, water get’s into the air filter box clogging it up which causes the sensor to put the car into safety mode making me unable to drive it. The its engendered is the tube leading to the air filter box is right under the hood, so snow gets in from under the hood or from the grill. September 8th I purchased the vehicle new The incident happened on October 27th where the car shook and jerked around like crazy but i thought it was a normal response from the vehicle because i was going from 100 on the highway down to a stop so i can answer a phone call. 2nd time this happened Dec 24th at 5:50am i was driving on the highway and my car started to shake and jerk me around and it slowed down to a stop. I was trying to accelerate but it didn’t do anything. once the vehicle was fully stopped i tried to put it in reverse and it would just role backwards along with neutral gear. i turned my car off then turned it back on and the check engine light came on and the car was jerking and shaking along with the RPM was spiking . I tried putting the car in drive and again nothing happened. I was able to book an appointment for Jan 11th. My car was towed to Canadian tire and i drove it home on the 26th. While i was driving it home it jerked and shook again just like before even though i was going 30km/h. I left the car in the garage until January 10th where this problem happened a 3rd time causing my car to go into safety mode, so i called a tow truck to tow me to the dealership. The dealership inspected it and said that my air filter box was full of snow due to how the tube leading to the airbox was placed. we spoke for a good 3 hours. The general manager beside me said that this won’t happen again it was a fluke to which the Service manager interrupted him and said it will keep happening and that it’s been happening in the 2014 rogues but nissan canada released a bulletin board message saying all Rogues made before march 7 should have a piece of foam placed under their hood along with a new grill. My rogue was a 2015 so it already had those new parts in it but it was still happening. few minutes later the general manager said but it’ll most likely not happen again and again the service manager said oh it will keep happening there isn’t a fix for it. He then told me that instead of me driving 400km from ontario to winnipeg to the nearest nissan dealership to problem fixed that i can take it to a ford dealer ship have them fix it and send him the bill and gave me his card for reference. He then said you can also clean it out yourself and to go get my car so he can show me how. He took out the piece explained how to clean it and then struggled to put it back in so the general manager tried helping him as well with no luck. so they get a mechanic to come help. The 3 of them spent 4 minutes working together to try and put the piece back, to which they broke the piece and tried blaming it on me saying i broke it when i didn’t even touch the piece. so they replaced the piece. i told them you want me to clean out the air tube/ air box every time this happens? you guys are 3 nissan employees who work with these cars everyday struggled for 7 minutes and ended up breaking the part want me to do that when my car stops? you guys are in a better environment, have 6 hands and have the perfect environment to clean this out that is unacceptable let alone getting a dealership that’s not Nissan to clean it out when they don’t specialize with nissans, if they brake it they’re not responsible. So i called nissan canada and told them what was happening. i told him i’d like you guys to take it back and he said the dealership deals with that. I spoke with the dealership and the guy said they’d buy it back for 26k. I said no i still have 33.7k to pay on my loan so i wouldn’t have a car but i’d still be paying 7k for it. he also gave me the option of trading it but then i’d have to pay 8k of difference which would out my dept at 41k. i told him no that’s ridiculous to which he said he has to make money off of it. he then said he’s not paying more than that and to speak with nissan canada who will buy it back. from then on i was sent back and forth between companies. This problem has happened a total of 6 times with in 6 months. i called nissan canada 1 month later to see if there’s a fix and they said no there isn’t. I’m very tired or cleaning out the airbox or checking in it before i lend it to a friend. I also very tired of explaining to them what to do if it happens. This isn’t their car for them to know how to do that. Problem number 2. before i bought my car i specifically asked the sales person so if my car breaks down i can get towed from anywhere in canada to the nearest nissan dealership even if i’m 400km away? she replied with yes and that she’s seen people get towed from further. On december 24th at 5:50 am i called nissan roadside 3 times to tow my car no one answered, so i called a tow truck who towed it 40km for 218$ . Once i got to work i called them and spoke to 3 different people, about getting towed to which they said they don’t cover it because it has to be with in 100km of a dealership. i called the dealership back and they said they’d cover it giving me examples of people getting towed from further than that like kenora or fort francis. my car had to go to winnipeg which is 400km away and because 40km costed me 218$ i got a CAA membership that was 185$. the dealer ship’s service manager read me an email from a manager from nissan HQ on how my towing should have been covered but speaking to an HQ person said that they don’t cover it. I’ve called nissan dealers in canada and they all say they cover the towing even if i’m 400km away. The waranty manual says If your NISSAN vehicle experiences a mechanical breakdown, and is unable to proceed under it’s own power, NISSAN Roadside Services will dispatch a service facility to tow your vehicle within 100 kilometers to the nearest NISSAN dealership. The general manager said that the towing company has to be with in 100km of your location to get towed. Which makes sense because other Problems needing towing all have a max km limit for towing. they refuse to reimburse anything.

  15. I’m having a similar issue with my dodge ram ecodeisel was wondering if you could contact me and we can discuss the process and your experiance since I’m about to fill out paper work with camvap. My trucks been in and out of the shop for a year now 2 different dealerships a new engine and I’m still having problems.

  16. I bought a brand new FX4 F-150 and the truck would shake at a certain gear interval on the highway. Long story short, my truck is a 2013 and I first brought this matter to a dealer at roughly 1 year after purchase and 10000kms driven. That was almost two years ago. Now it has 28000kms ( I work out of town so don’t use my truck alot). I have been to the dealer about 12 times, and they have had the truck for a total of about 10 weeks( 3.5 week stretch alone in january). The dealer is trying and ford engineers have been involved, however they can not fix the problem. I’ve hit my limit as I don’t live close to the dealer and am using alot of gas and not to the mention the time that it consumes my life dealing with this truck for the last 12 months plus extensively. I don’t care what happens I just want this nightmare to end. Does anyone believe it is a worth while route to go through camvap? Thanks

  17. Hi Nate, thanks for sharing your experience. I am currently in trouble with the new Nissan Rogue we bought for my wife 4 months ago. We started hearing grinding noise from the engine at cold starts from the 2nd month. After multiple visits to local dealers, one dealer was able to duplicate the engine grinding noise. They subsequently replaced the long block as instructed by Nissan Canada, who also gave us a 4-yr maintenance plan as reimbursement. However, after this fix, the relevant issues came up in row…the 2nd day after pickup, engine light was on, and the car almost stopped on the freeway…they fixed it; then CVT fluid was leaking, they thought it was seal and replaced it. Today I picked up the car, 2 km away from the dealership, engine temperature was over the mark. Now I am thinking about CAMVAP as I have lost completely my confidence in this vehicle. However, my concerns are: 1) the problems to date seem different, but were all relevant to the engine repair; 2) in my case, the dealer tried to fix the problems so far. However, I am concerned that the dealer cannot restore the car to its original (they fixed one but at the same time created another), as such relevant issues may come up fairly soon. The Rogue has stayed in the garage more than a month out of 4 months of our ownership. 3) I am thinking about replacement with the same car…but not sure if this is an option. Should I contact CAMVAP now or wait until the next issue come up? What’s your opinion on winning chance? Thanks,

  18. We have been fighting with Chrysler Canada since 2017 on a purchased 2016 brand new Hell Cat been through 2 processes for a buy back and denied twice going on a third processing now again Robert Gray from FCA has even stooped to the level of a black mail conversation telling us he will give us rental cover clutch and transmission, if we don’t take it back to arbitration! We have everything video taped and recorded. they think because insurance company got involved that we would be scared… but afraid for nothing but truth! There is a whole story extent of even a book of documents and Disks of the proof for next round. It is most unfortunate that people spend money on expensive vehicles and are treated this ignorant, having to keep insurance on vehicle full coverage during the time of unable to drive along with license plates and car payments NOT FAIR. It appears now I will need a good Lawyer! NOT FAIR! Anyone having the same trouble please HELP!!!!!!

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