Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park Review

Review Date: June 2013

General Information / Location
Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park is located about 30 minutes north of Parry Sound.  It’s directly off of Highway 69, and located on Sturgeon Bay.   The park is located on one of the bays on the lake.

Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park
P.O. Box 271
Point au Baril, Ontario
P0G 1K0
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Entry / Layout


Once you get off Highway 400, it’s a fairly quick drive to get to the park entry.  The park only has 1 area, and it’s a fairly small park.  Unless I missed it, I didn’t see a bathroom with running water, but there are vault toilets.  There is a beach in the park which is nice.  There’s also a boat ramp, and parking for your truck and trailer.

General Discussion


The atmosphere when entering the park was kinda neat.  Can’t really explain it, but it felt really cozy and rustic.  After the front gate, that’s about where the excitement stopped.  The rest of the park seemed really “Homemade”.  The sites were small, and unused.  There was 2 foot long grass growing in most of them.

I didn’t see any flush toilets, or showers.  There are alot of vault toilets around.

I guess the beach is a nice addition, but I generally don’t enjoy beaches unless it’s on a large, “great” lake.

There is no hiking here, there are no trails here.

I think the only reason to stop at this park, is if you’re into fishing (and you brought a boat), or your stopping over for a night.  There is just nothing to do here.  I think Sturgeon Bay is great for fishing, so bring your boat, put it in the water, and enjoy your fishing, then back to the campsite for the night, and repeat.  We stopped here just to sleep for a night, then left in the morning.

One thing I noticed is the black flies were TERRIBLE!  The next day we drove to Killarney and there were NO blackflies.  So not sure why they are so bad here.

Best Campsites

The only site I would suggest is Site 6.  It’s near the water, and you have your own rock to sit on, and enjoy the water.   However, there is a marina right there, so the view isn’t amazing.

The other sites are just MEH.  Site #8 is small, and you can’t even view the water from your site.


– Beach

– Boat Ramp

– Boat and fisher friendly


– Small

– There’s just nothing to do

– No running toilets


We just use this park as a stop over, as it’s right on the highway.  That’s about it.

2 thoughts on “Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park Review

  1. We were there on August 5, 2013, occupying site #6. Didn’t see any 2ft grass and I’d say site #8 is a bit better than #6. It’s little more convenient and still there is a short 10ft trail from the site to nearest rock at the water. There are flush toilets in the park though they are vault, at least that one we used not far from our site. Also there are 2 showers right opposite the entrance to the park, across Hwy 529. You can find them in the night by following the inviting lights of Bell’s phone booths next to the showers. No blackflies seen at that time. They must have died already. Generally they are common in the region in spring and early summer. Unfortunately no hiking trails there, but if you take a canoe or rent it at the main office ($20/4hrs) you can explore picturesque shoreline and islands nearby (like Bonnie Island, 1.2km, etc). Maybe not so beautiful as Killbear, Killarney or Bruce Peninsula, but still gorgeous.

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