Costco Preston 10×12 Hard Top Sun Shelter Review (Sojag)

There aren’t many reviews on this specific model, except for a few on the costco website. They are indeed helpful, but I wanted to create a review with a bit more info in it, and pictures of my setup.  I will continue to update this post with the condition of the gazebo, hoping that it will help others decided to buy or not.  I will put the updates at the top, and the review at the bottom.  So, I would suggest going to the bottom, read the review, then come back up for the updates!  Hope this helps!

** May 22, 2015 **

Here’s a video that shows some severe rain under the gazebo.

** Update May 7 – 2015 **

Gazebo lasted the winter with no problems.  Towards the end of the winter, I did prop a 2×4 up in the center, to give it some support IN CASE it needed it.  It would have lasted with it, but wasn’t taking any chances.  The roller shades I bought are holding up great!  A few clips have broken, but I’ve managed to continue using them.

** Update May 25 – 2014

I created a video showing the shades, and how they are mounted, and how it slides.

** Update Mar 5 – 2014

Still no problems with the shelter this winter.  You’ll probably know that this winter has been a particularity cold one, with A LOT of snow.  I have had no issues with the shelter.  It’s almost completely iced over right now.  If I remember, I’ll take a picture of it.

** Update Jan 13 – 2014

The shelter is holding up GREAT during this winter.  We’ve had A LOT of snow throughout November and December, and have had NO problems with the shelter.  I’ve left the snow piled on top (1-2 feet) for the most part.  One time I took a shovel and pulled it down, but it wasn’t necessary.  We had some crazy wind as well, and the shelter hasn’t budged.  Good to go so far! (FYI – I do NOT have the winter shelter)

** Update Sept 6 **

Still havn’t had any issues with this Gazebo.  Winter is coming in a few months, so I’ll def continue to update this review.  I don’t think I will do the winter cover, because I’ve heard that it really flaps in the wind, and I hate that.  I think this thing will stand our winters perfectly fine!

One other note, I still haven’t gone back through and tightened bolts.  I’ll have to remind myself to do that.


** Update July 21 **

As requested, I wanted to post a pic of the mounting of the coolaroo shades. The shades are about 2 inches too long to fit perfectly on the 8′ sides. So, they are mounted on the angled pieces / the legs to the gazebo. It kinda works out good, because you can reach around, inside the legs and put nuts on the bolts holding the shades on. Here is one picture showing the mounting, and one showing the 8′ shade on a 10′ side.

The third picture shows how the 10′ shade is mounted. There’s a hole drilled through the metal which the shades mount to, which then goes into a slat of wood, behind the roof mounts of the gazebo. It then slides side to side. It’s not perfect, but works until I figure out a better solution. I also made a YouTube video to help with the mounting. (Ill upload that tomorrow)





** Update June 24 **

So, as below, I returned the privacy curtains as I didn’t like them. However, I still need some privacy and sun shade from the sides. So, I thought about it, and remembered seeing the Coolaroo roller shades at Costco for $60. They are 8′ x 8′. Two sides of my gazebo are also 8′. 🙂

So I bought 3 of them, and installed them into the Preston gazebo. Wow!! I love them!!! They fit really well into the gazebo, and you can roll them down half way, or all the way, depending on how much sun shade you need. When you want privacy, or more shade, you simply roll them down, and viola!! On the side that is longer, I allowed the shade to slide back and forth, depending on which end you needed the shade. Below are some pics.









** Update June 21 **

I bought the privacy curtains for the gazebo. They come setup exactly like the screens. They are good quality, and the fabric is fairly thick. They come with hooks for it. To install the hooks, I simply undid the last screw in the track, and slide the new hooks in. Then the previous mosquito screen gets removed, and the privacy now goes on the outside. Then the screen gets put back up on the inside.

Well, I don’t like it. The fabric blows around too much, and it really blocks you in. Feels like I’m no longer outside. I can went out and came back 4 hours later, and all the Velcro had already been separated and the privacy curtains blowing in and out. I’ll have to find another way to get some privacy.


photo 4


We needed something for our deck to give us some shade. We thought about having a couple umbrella’s, but didn’t really like the look of them, and we wanted something more permanent. We wanted something that stayed put, and you didn’t have to move around. We wanted something that we could turn into a decorated outdoor room.

Here’s why we ultimately picked the Costco gazebo:

1) Costco return warranty is one of the best out there. It’s my experience that they really take care of you, if there is a problem with a product.

2) This sun shelter has a number of accessories that you can buy for it. One of them being the privacy shades, and the other one, a winter cover.

3) The mosquito netting on this shelter is far superior then any other gazebo. It’s not that thin, nylon netting, but a thick textilene type netting. The privacy curtains are also alot thicker, and more rugged then other similar models. This is the reason we bought this one over the Essex Metal roofed gazebo from Canadian Tire. The netting, and privacy curtains on that one are HORRIBLE.

4) The poly-carbonate panels are 8mm thick, instead of more other gazebo’s which are 6mm thick.

The unit comes in 2 boxes. One of them contains the roof panels, and the other contains everything else. The larger box is around 150-175 lbs. It would fit in a van, and possibly in the truck of a car with the back seats down.

The written instructions that come with the shelter are fairly easy to ready, and understand. However, to make it even easier, have a look at this youtube video that shows how to erect it. I found that reading the instructions, and watching the video made putting this shelter together really easy. I decided to use a lock tight on all the hex bolts, just to make sure it doesn’t come apart. One of the reviews said the roof panels fly off in the wind. Well, if you read carefully, he said he was also trying to get new screws from Sojag because those flew off as well. Well, the reason the panels flew out, was because his screws came loose. Ither he didn’t tighten them all the way, or they eventually came loose.

I was able to setup this gazebo by myself. I started by adding the feet to the legs of the gazebo, just like in the video. I then joined the support beams, just like the video. Now, this is where the video really came in handy. Layout the gazebo legs, and the beams exactly like they did in the video. Then, when it comes time to lift one side, lift it, and lean it against the house, or another structure. Then lift a perpendicular side, and attach it to the side that’s leaning against the house or structure. After that’s bolted together, the gazebo should be free standing. Bolt on the third side. Now all that’s left is one long beam. I placed one end of the beam on a ladder, and attached the other end to the 3 sided gazebo. Then bolted the ladder side together. Now you have a free standing structure to work with!

photo 1

Next, I just followed the instructions as in the manual, and the roof went together really easy.

photo 2


I also did the roof panels myself. I just followed the instructions in the manual, and put them in, in the order they suggested. Just be 100% that all panels are in completely. Make sure they are completely pushed in, and completely in the tracks they are to sit in. After you think each panel is in completely, give it another good push to make sure! I think this is important.

After the panels are in, there are a few more steps to complete to hold the panels together, and to brace them from any load that might sit on them. Instructions were all easy to follow here. After that, the screen is placed on the hooks. And you’re all done!

photo 4 photo 3 photo 5


A couple other things about this shelter

1) Even when sitting under it, the sun is still bright through the roof panels. I’m thinking a steel roof would be nice here, as you are completely out of the sun. However, a steel roof would make it plenty dark underneath, and I think it would take away from the outside experience

2) Make sure you bolt this thing down, as it will take flight in strong winds

3) I would suggest going over all bolts every couple weeks to make sure non are coming loose.

4) In the instructions, when putting the roof cap on, it says to leave it loose, and don’t tighten until the roof panels are in place. It doesn’t remind you to tighten them later in the instructions. So, make sure you reach up, and tighten (from the inside) the 3 bolts holding the roof cap on.

Hope this helps! I will continue to update this review every few months. Any questions, email me!

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  1. I purchased a sojag gazebo all went well with the installation except the panells will not go in properly it was a very hot day can that be the cause lots of problem the poly panells, any help will be welcone Ralph mississauga ont.canada

  2. Getting the panels in was tricky at times for me also. I actually found that I had to adjust the support bars once (and maybe should have done so more than once) as it wasn’t truly centred – so I couldn’t even get the panel in on one side, and it was too wide on the other. Having the top bars a little loose may actually help in ensuring the panels align evenly and correctly all around? It definitely takes some finese to get some of them in… as I recall, the instructions clearly say to slide them in on a particular side… and you then are left trying to get the panel to go into the other side “the hard way”. I also hear ticking sounds on hot days which I’m guessing are the materials expanding and being so tight together they make the sounds… Good luck!

  3. So after 2 full days my 12×16 is fully assembled and anchored into a nice stamped concrete pad …now I must say it did take a little holding your tongue the right way an a lot of non frustrated patience to get those panels in but they are in …. It is a very nice structure indeed and I’m hoping with the two included winter poles that this unit will withstand a good old Saskatchewan winter ..! I am impressed with the netting and privacy panels they are very good quality … Next step is hoping the hot tub at Costco that I want goes on sale again ….. Shane

  4. Good Job Nate with the video. I got this 10×12 Ellington. My deck is 10×12 and very low like yours about 16″ from ground. How do I anchor these posts? I can’t use nut and bolt as I can’t reach under the deck to tighten nut. Just anchoring posts with wood screws to the deck panel would be good enough? Would it hold ? Any idea would be appreciated. Thank you.

  5. I used large screws and screwed it into the deck. I made sure I screwed into a joist here and there to give is that extra hold. I wouldn’t just screw it into the deck boards only.

  6. We purchased this sun shelter from Costco in June 2013. It did not last one winter. The roof collapsed in April 2014 and we have not been able to get a response from Sojag to have the roof replaced. We have sent several communications to them along with receipt and pictures but have received no response. Customer service is lacking and we are not impressed with the service we have recieved from Sojag.

    • Have you tried taking it back to Costco? I was in there a couple weeks ago, and saw this gazebo in lying on the floor by the customer service desk in pieces. So I know they have taken a return. This was a brutal winter, and I had 3-4 feet of snow on the gazebo all winter and it stayed up without issue. What gave out exactly? Did the panel crack under pressure, or did the panels come out of their recesses holding them in place?

    • Hi Richard, We also bought the sojaj gazeboo from costco. After a year and half the roof collasped one moring in December. Luckily there was no one underneath when it caved in. The guys who installed it told us to put a 2 by 4 in the middle during winter. We did do that but was too short and than forgot to do that part. Trying to deal with sojaj was a nightmare. Coscto was easier and eventually refunded our money. They will blame you that you did not clear the snow and ice off the roof. In their bizzare warranty it says you need to clear ice snow even if it’s snowing middle of night. We are actually going to get either a pergola or a shingled roof. Luckily you bought at coscto. Btw sogaj will try to tell you to go thru your home insurace. You need thick skin dealing with them. Everyone passes the buck. Good luck

  7. Your set up looks great. We have a Sojag gazebo with polycarbonate roof and it was hit with marble sized hail last week. Huge holes in the roof. It needs to be replaced. To purchase a replacement roof through Sojag it will cost half of what we paid for the sun shelter. Any experience or ideas on a replacement roof? We are from Alberta. Thanks.

    • I have a similar problem. I had some panels blow away and become permanently damaged or ripped into pieces with the recent windstorm here in Ontario. For the cost of replacing a few panels, I’d be better off buying a whole new shelter. Let me know if you’ve found a solution and I’ll do the same.

      • Hello, I have had the same problem with the panels blowing out and now I am missing a bar to connect panels. Any suggestions where I could get one. or new panels. It wasn’t cheap so … don’t really want to spend the money to buy a new one or take it down. Where did you go for parts? Website of number to connect them? Thanks!

    • Use plexi glass or the tinted roofing from lowes or Rona,the crap theygive with sojag gazebo is cheap plastic .the should know better

      • I just came home to find that the roof of the gazebo looks like a strainer from the hailstorm we just had. Too many holes to count. It costs $500 to buy all five panels from Sojag, so I’m going to take your advice and look elsewhere.

    • Go to your nearest building supply that handles metal roofing (20 guage) pick out a roof color and have the panels sheared to the same size as the polycarbonate. Your panel will be colored on one side and white on the other, take a spray bomb and paint the white side a shade of your polycarbonate and then re install the poly panel and then install the metal panel over top it will slide in easily and you now have a metal waterproof roof. I only did the bottom row and left the top row clear. This is a really inexpensive repair and actually an upgrade to the product.


  9. Great review! I am planning on replacing a 10×14 soft top gazebo this spring with a 10×14 Sojag Sumatra or Ellington but I am still to see the differences.

  10. Great review, looking at the 10 x 12 for our patio in Southampton. Just happened to find the review by chance. Super job, Nate… The shade is a “cool” idea, have to look into that one. When it comes to installing the Gazebo I know who to call. Take care . Andy

  11. Three of our panels ended up with holes after some ice build-up over the winter. It’s $100 @ panel to replace. Any suggestions of what to use to replace all the panels that would be more cost effective?

    • Yes this happened to me as well. In the 1st winter 3 panels blew away and i had to look for them in one of my neighbors yard (they were intact). Second winter no problem at all. This past winter…what a nightmare. Even though I clean off the snow, it was an extremely cold winter season so I couldnt always be outside cleaning it off. It collapsed and destroyed 6 panels and the support bolts completely ripped out… Sojag charges $75+ for the panels and pieces are $15 – $30. The best thing to do is to look for a manufacturer / supplier of polycarbonate sheets and buy direct from them. I found a supplier, in my area, that charges $56 for 4′ X 8′ sheets. There are some that will also cut them for you at a nominal fee.

  12. one of my mosquito netting has frayed and come apart lengthwise right at the at the center mend of the screen…any suggestions for repair ?? can I get order another screen mesh for the 10 x 12 ?? and if yes.. then where ?? many thanks

  13. We reside in Niagara Falls. Ont. We purchased the ‘Preston 10’x 12′ Hardtop Gazebo’ from Costco in early June, 2013, and with some difficulty, the 3 of us erected it on a Saturday, the last week of June, 2013. It weathered well and survived the winter of 2013 – 2014. However, the winter of 2014 – 2015 brought much colder weather, over a longer winter, with a lot more snow, accumulating to between 2 = 3 ft. of snow on the roof. in Mid March, 2015, the roof collapsed. The upper frame, the short and long ogge’s. bent, and ripped apart from the roof structure, bending and twisting roof bars, outside and insideroof connectors, and even split on two a corner cover. Surprisingly, none of the roof panel borke nor chipped, but mist of the roof support bars are twisted and bent , and , in my opinion, cannot be used again. I removed all the roof structure, adjusted the ogee frame as much as I could, hoping to fit some corner structure to strengthen and ‘square’ the support colums. But the ogee frame material is so thin, that I believe installing corner structure will surely rip through the thin aluminum frame. Is there some restitution program offered by Sojag ?

  14. Just put this gazebo together. I did it by myself – took about 8 -10 hours to complete. I have a background in mechanical engineering, so I would like to comment on some of the technical aspects of this unit. First thing that I found was that the strucure is designed and engineered very well. What I did not like was that the fasteners were of absolutely substandard quality. The bolts were so badly made that the hex tool was stripping the heads. The nuts are made of very soft metal. And the threads machined in some of the pieces were so bad that I actually had to use a tap (a tool for machining threads in holes) to clean up the threads. I would expect to see high quality stainless steel hardware for an expensive gazebo from a reputable manufacturer such as sojag. It is made in China, so quality is definitely not on par with North American made products. Roof collapse issues (in my opinion) will be avoided by placing a support under the roof. I am going to place two 2×4’s under mine on each end of the top of the roof. Panels blowing off by themselves in the wind issue is an interesting one. The panels are fastened in such a way that this would seem almost impossible, unless those “high quality” fasteners I mentioned are failing. I’m interested to find out if anyone has had one of these blow over or take flight? Without doing any calculations, I would guess that it would have to be one heck of a wind for that to happen. However I am concerned, because my gazebo is sitting on concrete pavers on top of a rather unlevel interlock patio, so I don’t really have anything to bolt it down to. Bolting it to a paver won’t be much help if this thing decides to play Wright Brothers. Thanks.


  15. Thanks for the write up and video for the Coolaroo shade installation. Although my Gazebo is a little bit different ( I have a Sojak Ellington 10×10), I give you credit for the idea. I bought the two 10′ x 6′ from Lowes and the third 8’x8′ from Costco. I had to cut them using a hack saw and scissors to make them fit. The fabric on the cut side seems to be holding very well. Prior to the shades project, I had to install a plastic liner all around the top half of the roof. I couldn’t stand the mid day sun! As a lot of reviewers have pointed out these panels do not block out the sun, may be 50% of it. It gets very hot! I went to Home Depot and bought 3 sheets of white thin plastic (you find it around the back right hand corner in the lumber section of the store. They are $30 a sheet. It’s best if you don’t cut them until ready to use. In my case, I had to cut them at the store to make them fit into my car. This led to a lot of spoilage. When I got home I covered each sheet with tarp and drove my car over them a few times to make them thinner. That worked very well; they are plastic, so you can use a damp cloth to clean them. From the inside I measured the dimensions of the polycarbonate panels and make the first plastic panel. The first one is the most difficult but once you get it right, you use it to make the others. Now you are ready to start your installation. You loosen the screws that hold the roof support bar on both sides. Then slide the plastic panel in between the polycarbonate panel and the support bar. Note: Don’t try to take out the screw nut and try to screw it back after you have inserted the plastic panel under the polycarbonate panel. The bolt is too short! I used Gorilla white tape on the sides and corking where the plastic meets the metal. Do not use silicon caulking on the sides as it might get onto the polycarbonate panels. I have photos of how mine looks like but I am unable to attach them here. Most of my visitors think the white plastic came with the Gazebo!

  16. Thanks for the detailed review. It has almost got me swayed to buy this over the tin roof one. As it is about 300 bucks cheaper 🙂

    • If cost is your primary concern, you would be better off going with the tin version. After buying all you need to modify the Sojag gazebo plus other accessories like the steel winter roof support post, the $300 saving would have virtually evaporated (not counting the work and time you would have to put into it). Don’t forget you still have to remove snow from the gazebo roof from time to time. I like the Sojag gazebo because it’s a 1/3 lighter than the steel versions and it looks very nice. Although you have a full shade with the tin ones, they are often hot because of having a solid black top. Those are the pros and cons of either you have to consider.

  17. We are buying the 10X12 model with steel roof. I would like to install an outdoor fan on the inside ridge, do you think it would hold the weight of the fan(approx. 19 Lbs.)?

  18. I am somewhat surprised at some of the reviews as we have had ours for 4 years . We have had some nasty winters and are impressed with how well it has held up. We have been through a couple of winter covers, the latest had flaws and Sojag sent us a replacement right away. We requested additional hooks for the curtains, and they too were sent within a reasonable time frame and no charge.

  19. If you don’t like the panels in the roof letting in so much sun, I painted some of them with spray paint (flat black) and it worked like a charm (painted from the inside). The inside panels closest to the centre are painted, the outer ones are still translucent. Tremclad spray paint sticks no problem…heck, tremclad will stick to the moon….

    • I would leave the polycarbonate panels alone i.e. not use anything such as paint on them. The chemicals in the paint may quickly degrade the panels. Also, spraying them with black paint makes them retain heat from the sun which might accelerate their degradation as well as make the interior of the gazebo hot. Unlike the tin black roofed gazebos, you will not be able to install a fan on a polycarbonate roofed gazebo as it will not support the weight of the fan.

    • You have two options: (1) Get the replacement panels from Sojag by calling them directly (their telephone # and model of your shade should be on one the posts of the shade). They will come in a package ready to assemble. Note that they not cheap!! (2) Buy sheets of 0.3″ ~ 1/4″ tinted honeycomb polycarbonate sheets, e.g. 48″x96″ and you would have to cut them to size yourself.. they are easy to cut.. Home Depot may order them for you if they don’t have them in stock. I think HD carries the LEXAN brand. You can also get them from Personally, I would go with option 1:)

  20. I’m curious however why she would want to replace the polycarbonate panels after only 4 years! If they were properly installed i.e. with the UV protected side facing up, these panels should last at least 10 years, if not longer…

    • Ours have been destroyed by a very small amount of hail. I’m looking for an alternative roof. The rest of the structure is still in great shape. Our gazebo is about 5-6 years old.

      • This is my third season, the roof is done. My opinion is the metal roof, the poly roof can’t handle any size of hail. Mine looks like a strainer

  21. We purchased shelter slightly different this one 4 years ago at Costco. Same polycarbonate panels. The year before last we had a hail storm that damaged a few panels putting holes in the exterior surface. Last year another hail storm destroyed the roof-holes completely through 98% of the panels. It’s useless to us now. Have contacted Sojag to inquire about metal roof panels that we see on their new shelters-even if we have to reconfigure the roof to salvage the frame. Replacing with the same panels is pointless. But if so inclined try contacting a sign company that purchases coroplast as this material is sold by the same suppliers.

    • Same here. We purchased 2 gazebos and one was totally destroyed by wind and hail. The one we still have is in good shape but a recent hailstorm finally did our roof in. I’m so irritated but want to keep it and I’m trying to find an alternative roof.

  22. If you live in an area that is prone to hail storms, all is not lost with polycarbonate roofed gazebos. LEXAN, for example, has different grades of polycarbonates some of which are touted to withstand harsh weather elements incl hail. I would talk to an expert on subject at Home Depot for advice. The ideal scenario would be to get a 1/4″ upgrade but even if you were to get a thicker alternative, all that would be required would be to modify the gazebo roof rails. The process would be a little bit expensive, but worth it in my opinion. Polycarbonate panels have so many advantages, reasons why they have overtaken the steel roofs. If you are inclined to go with a steel roof, I recommend Sunjoy instead of Sojag because you still have to remove snow from the Sojag metal roofs.

  23. Put the legs together, now B and B1 do not line up at all. Looks like the metal has been poorly cut. If we try to put on the cover pieces that go over the middle seam, the screw holes do not match at all. The whole horizontal piece bows badly. The other 3 are fine. Anyone else with this problem or have a solution?

  24. I bought in 2013 at Costco the 10×10 Preston Hardtop Sun Shelter-Mocha. The first summer hail perforated the upper layer of the plastic roof cover. The lower layer is still intact but in whole the roof doesn’t looks nice. Is there any replacement of hard roof cover for this model available or I’m condemned to buy a new shelter (or fabricate new roof by myself)?

  25. I have one similar from cosco. It has the sliding doors and the screen panels on it. This is going to be our first winter with it. We made vinyl panels for around it, to keep the snow out. I am having trouble with the panels on the roof blowing up. I had that problem before we put the vinyl panels on. Is there anything I can do so the panels do not blow up?

  26. I have purchased a Sojag Massina 12 x16 steel roof gazebo. Can anyone that purchased this model in any of the various sizes give me some tips on construction. Thank you.

  27. My sojag gazebo roof looks like someone shot it with a 12 gauge shotgun after about three years I live in the Northeast rain snow sleet maybe that’s the issue but yes this gazebo will hold a fan I have one installed I also have a water Mister underneath of it too

  28. Some of my coroplast panels blew off in a wind storm a few weeks ago. They are all damaged with hail anyways. Wondering if I could just put a canopy over top? Probably a lot cheaper than replacing panels and/or installing metal roof.

  29. How’s the sun shelter holding up? We’re looking at getting a similar one (Penguin), and I’m curious as to how the polycarbonate roof has held up over the years since you first made post?

    • Hi Leo, The shelter is holding up GREAT! It survived another winter. I used a 2×4 to prop up underneath it again. No problems. Everything including the roof panels are in great shape!

  30. Glad I found this site with a lot of good information. I just ordered the 10×14 Moreno with the tin roof, but was wondering if you still need the winter pole for this? Being in Illinois our winters are certainly not as bad as you get in Canada, but can be hit or miss (no snow or 1.5′). Reason I ask is that it is going over a hot tub, so I have no idea how to put a pole in the center with the hot tub there.

  31. Wow! Thanks for the thorough review; it’s great to know how they’ll hold up over the long term. One thing I’m curious about is how do you keep your deck so clean?! I’m fighting a losing battle with algae on mine 🙁

  32. Just put up a 12×10 hard top sun shelter and found it was the best thing o have ever put up out of a box. I have done many box install and this was the easiest ever . Completely happy with the install now let’s gust see how it holds up Great engineering and manufacturing

  33. For people whose roofs were destroyed by hail, one option , though not ideal, is to paint them with products like Flex Seal or Liquid Rubber (the latter is Canadian). Choose a good quality UV treated product! First, make sure that you use a filler to plug any holes visible from underneath the gazebo to stop any potential dripping. Then standing on four legged ladder ( so that you don’t lean the ladder against the gazebo), use a long roller or an asphalt brush and paint the whole roof. Make sure the holes caused by hail are all filled. The bad news is that the roof will no longer be translucent and a little bit hotter but it will look cleaner and more protected from future storms. Dave, you can get the steel pole that comes with the Sojag gazebos, make additional holes to it; then, place a thick piece of wood or metal across the hot tub and use it as a temporary base when the tub is not in use.

  34. Hi Nate, Thanks for great reviews/videos and instructions. I’m thinking to buy a hard roof gazebo to be placed on our deck. it’s quite windy here and I’m wondering if the roof will flap or make noises during fall/winter windy season? Any recommendations?

  35. I have a 10×12 Preston from Costco for about 5 yrs now and in winter I’ve found that covering the roof with a 15×20 poly tarp from Princess Auto, wait till they go on sale, works very well here in Ottawa and makes it really easy to clear off with a snow rake.

  36. Hi, I have a brand new never been opened; Sojag Preston Brown 10′ x 12′ mosquito netting (textilene), if anyone is interested in purchasing them from me, we are moving and cannot take our gazebo, hence won’t be using the new screens. I’m going to check what the sell for (I forget). Maybe someone who needs them would like to make an offer. Thanks

  37. After three years of putting up our winter snow support poles up, this year, for some reason they are too long??? This is baffling to me. Anyone have a similar experience?

  38. Update on my Sojag Ellington: March 2018 The hail storm late summer of 2017 perforated one side of the roof. Although I could have tried to repair it, I decided to get rid of it. I put the pieces by the curb on garbage collection day and someone took them for recycling. I decided to replace it with a 10×12 Sojag Messina galvanized steel top gazebo for a peace of mind. I will not have to worry about hail storms anymore! Mind you I still used the steel pole to support the roof during this past winter but I did not have to remove the snow. The snow slides off easily on its own. For those of you eho decide to do the same, it is a good idea to paint the inside sides with your favourite color first before installing them. Make sure you use primer for galvanized steel and then paint with acrylic paint or other suitable paint. If you don’t use the correct primer, the paint will peel off.

  39. Hi Nate, Can you post a picture (if you have one) of when you prop the middle with a wood post for the winter? I am torn between a poly carbonate or aluminum roof gazebo. Reading some of the comments on your site, seems people have issues with the poly carbonate in the long run. I live in Mississauga and have a big opening behind my house and the gazebo would be on a second floor deck, and we do get hammered with a hail storm or two during the summer.

  40. Hi Nate thanks for the great write up and video. I’m installing mine on a deck as well. What did you use to anchor yours to the deck ? I can’t get underneath mine and when I line up the feet I can get 1 of the 3 holes over the joist support. Any ideas, you think larger screws will be the trick or would you say you must screw into the joist support with longer screws?

    • Hey Jeff, I actually don’t remember what I did. LOL! I may have taken the deck boards off, and put a piece of wood between the joists, so I could screw directly into that. I bet screwing it into the deck boards wouldn’t be a problem tho…

  41. I bought a 14×16 from Costco and after few months the gazebo simply collapsed. I called Costco and they said I need to call Sojag. When I called them the person simply said that there is nothing he can do, he had no suggestions, very frustrating. I will never buy this product again or have my friends buy this product with such a customer service.

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