Oxford Dodge – Negative Review – Service Dept.

** UPDATE AUGUST 23, 2013 – I won my CAMVAP case, and my Dodge Ram was bought back by Chrysler Canada.  The buyback took place at Oxford Dodge, and the general manager was great to deal with.  Truck went in, with keys and ownership, and I walked out with my cheque.  Oxford Dodge even asked if I needed a ride home.  Went smooth as butter! **

I originally went to Oxford Dodge because a friend suggested them.  My truck was also ordered there by Chrysler Canada for repair.  Before telling my story of what happened at Oxford Dodge, I will do a point form review of the dealership.

  • One of their Service Adviser’s is incredibly grumpy.  His first name is Mike.  He works in the Service lane closest to the dealership.  I advise to stay away from that lane.  He treats you like you are not there, and seems like he hates his job.  More on that below.
  • Shawn Doerr, the service manager, never replied to any of my email.  Maybe it was just me, but every time I sent him an e-mail with updates, no reply. Nothing for days.  I even sent him a detailed e-mail regarding my experience with one of his service adviser’s, and NO reply.  It’s bad customer service.
  • In my case, there was a communication issue between service manager, service advisers, and mechanics.  You told the service adviser one thing, and he would write down a complete different thing on the WO.  I even gave detailed steps in how to reproduce the issue, and that was NEVER communicated to the mechanic, resulting in a front axle being replaced, instead of the transfer case.  I even explained to the service adviser to let me know exactly whats planned to be done, before any work is done.  No call from the service adviser, and during an unexpected trip to the dealer, found my engine in pieces on the shop floor.  Service adviser said “Oh… ya, I thought Shawn was going to call you”.  There is a communication issue here, and it results in the consumer receiving poor service.

** Note – While I do appreciate the original help that Oxford Dodge provided, I don’t appreciate being yelled at on the telephone because I was saying the vehicle wasn’t safe, and that driving it could cause more damage. I don’t appreciate a dealership telling me to go somewhere else because I didn’t buy this truck here. It started out good, and Oxford Dodge did step up to help, but after the truck kept on coming back for repair, (because it wasn’t repaired correctly the first time) is when they got frustrated with it, and took it out on me. **

-The truck is a 2012 Dodge Ram, HEMI, 4X4. It was bought from Dale Wurfel in Strathroy. I have another review of that dealership, and didn’t have a good experience there either.

-I was having engine troubles with the truck from Dale Wurfel, and Chrysler Canada ordered it to Oxford Dodge for repair, because Dale Wurfel decided not to help me. At first, the engine was making a knocking sound.

-So I brought the truck to Oxford Dodge, and was “greeted” by a service advisor named Mike. Wow. I thought he was the grumpiest person I’ve ever met. It was very exhausting dealing with him. I felt that I was treated as a bother, and not wanted. I posted my experience on a local forum that I belong to, and Service Manager Shawn read it. He then called me, and asked that if I ever have a bad experience with any of his staff, to please just let him know, and not to post it in public. So, I sent Shawn an email letting him know how I was treated by Mike. No response. Nothing. He Didn’t bother to reply. I was at least expecting him to say “Thanks for your email. Your concerns are appreciated”. Nope, I guess he didn’t feel a reply was needed.

-After my horrible experience with Mike, Oxford Dodge did inspected the truck, and said the knocking noise was Abnormal. Chrysler Canada then ordered the truck back to Dale Wurfel for repair. Dale Wurfel looked at the truck, and determined where the noise was coming from (engine), but somehow decided not to fix it. Truck was again ordered back to Oxford Dodge.

-Oxford Dodge said they would inspect the truck, and let me know what path they are going to take to fix it. Well, 4 days later I called to find out what the status was, and found out they already started the work, and tore the engine down completely. My engine is in pieces on the work bench. I was a little upset, because I didn’t receive a call before they started all this work. Somehow communicating with me before started the massive engine overhaul didn’t happen. They then replaced 1 piston because they thought it was slightly small.

– After rebuilding the engine, and replacing the piston, I immediately noticed it was knocking again. I took the truck home and also noticed that it now grinds, and clunks when you engage 4H from a stopped position. The brakes were really noisey as well. Squeaking all over the place. I took the below video of the transfer case grinding, and below that, is the engine knocking.


– I sent the grinding video, and the fact that the engine is still knocking, and the brakes needs to be cleaned to Oxford Dodge, via email to the service manager. He didn’t reply.   I waited a whole week and nothing. No reply from Shawn. I called Chrysler Canada to find out what’s going on regarding the 4H problem, and the knocking. First, Chrysler Canada authorized Oxford Dodge to replace the block. Second, Chrysler Canada said that Oxford Dodge Service listened to the video of the grinding and told me “Your driving the truck wrong, and your looking for problems. Your manipulating the truck to make these noises“.

-I lost it. I took the truck to Shawn (service manager) so he could listen to the noises in person. He heard the grinding, and banging noise, and said “You shouldn’t be stopped in 2H when your on snow. You should have anticipated that your going to get stuck, and should have already switched to 4H. If your stuck in 2H, it’s too late”. Huh? According to the manual, I can put it in 4H while I’m stopped. While the truck was there, I also brought up the brake squealing Shawn said “I doubt we’ll find anything in the brakes, dust wise”. Then he spent 10 minutes explaining about moisture, and metal on metal. Basically trying to convince me brake squeal is normal. Then he says “I think we have more serious issues to deal with then brake squeal”. At least take the tired off and blow some air in there?

– Eventually, after arguing about it for a long time, they decided to look at the 4×4 problem while they were replacing the engine block. After replacing the shortblock for the engine noise, they found a problem with the 4×4 actuator. They replaced it, and called me to say the truck is all fixed, and tested worked perfectly!

– I picked the truck up, with a new engine block, and fixed 4×4. I immediately tested the 4×4, and it did the same grinding and clunking noise. I thought they said it tested perfectly fine? I immediately brought the truck back, and Service Manage Shawn came out of his office and said “Lets go”, in a very frustrated tone, and started walking to my truck without looking, or talking to me. He was obviously frustrated that I brought it back because it wasn’t fixed. I felt not wanted, and felt like I was being a bother.  I felt that this dealership wanted me to just go away.  Not the type of feeling you want from a Service Department.   After another test drive hearing the noise, he did a few tests, and said bring it back next week, and they will diagnose it. He said “There is definitely still something wrong with the 4×4 system”.

-I brought the truck back the following week, and they called me to say the noise is coming from the front axle, and they are replacing the front axle. Umm, nope. The noise is NOT coming from the front axle, it’s coming from the transfer case. It’s clearly evident the noise is coming from the transfer case (the middle of the truck). Oh well, I let them replace the front axle.

-They replaced the front axle, and Shawn called and said that it didn’t fix the problem, and he still wasn’t happy with how it shifted into 4×4. However, he then said that he tested a 2013 RAM, and it did the same thing. He said that he has the transfer case apart, and found some damage in there. (Ding Ding Ding, told you it was the transfer case) He wants to show me the damage, and why it’s grinding. I told him I wasn’t interested in why it’s grinding. I want the problem fixed, and the damage part replaced. I was also leary about his testing a 2013 RAM, and it doing the same thing, so I test drove one and tried to reproduce the issue. Nope. Didn’t do it. See video below:


-The truck sat at Oxford Dodge, and I believe at this time, Oxford Dodge and Chrysler Canada are discussing what to do. They still seem to think the grinding and clunking is normal.

-Shawn called back, and said that he sent some DATA to Chrysler Canada regarding the grinding, and if Chrysler Canada gets back to me, then they will have another look. He wants me to come pickup the truck, and bring the rental car back. I explained to him that I would rather not drive the truck with the damaged transfer case, and am concerned about any metal shavings left behind by the damage. I don’t think it’s safe to drive it right now. Well, this is where Shawn LOST IT! He started shouting, and said “YOU NEED TO START WORKING WITH US HERE“. I said “Working with you? I’ve been patient, and kind for 8 months while you, and Chrysler Canada fix my truck. My truck has been in the shop 80 days out of 160. I AM working with you!”. He didn’t like this, and continued his shouting. He said “This isn’t even our truck, why don’t you go back to Dale Wurfel, we don’t want his truck anymore. I’m done with it”, he then said “Bring me my rental car back, or I will come and get it. We will come get it one way or another“. He was shouting this, loudly. So, here I am telling him I don’t feel safe in the truck with this damage, and want to wait for Chrysler Canada’s ruling, and he’s threatening me that he’s going to come take the rental car back. After this shouting, he hung up the phone.

-I called the General Manager of Oxford Dodge, and he ultimately explained to me why I can’t keep the rental car. He said Oxford Dodge is losing money because of this truck, and that I can’t keep the rental car hostage. He also stood up for Shawn’s shouting, and yelling, saying he’s usually calm, and doesn’t get this way often. He also explained, and wondered why they have this truck here, and said “Dale Wurfel should be stepping up and doing this work”. He also said that I need to treat Oxford Dodge, and Shawn better, or maybe Shawn isn’t going to help me anymore. Basically, he was sticking up for Shawn’s temper-tantrum. He then said to keep the car until Chrysler Canada decides what to do about the grinding. Which is what I mentioned to Shawn previously.

-I also sent an email to the owners of Oxford Dodge, and the general manager explaining my issues, and the trouble i was having trying to get them fixed. I didn’t receive a reply. It’s nice to know, when expressing your concerns, to the owner and general manager, that they care enough to reply.

-Chrysler Canada decided to NOT fix the grinding, and asked me to bring the rental back, and pickup the truck, which I did that same day. I havnt heard from Oxford Dodge since.

-I called Chrysler Canada back 2-3 weeks later and let them know that the engine knocking is back. Chrysler Canada called Oxford Dodge back and requested them to look at the truck. I don’t know who they talked to, but Oxford Dodge declined to see the truck. Chrysler Canada said Oxford Dodge asked NOT to refer myself back to them. Chrysler Canada also called another dealership, and somehow that dealership already knew about my truck, and they also declined to be referred to inspect the truck. So, someone’s been talking about my truck, and now half of my city declines to look at it.

** Conclusion? – Oxford Dodge originally stepped up, when Dale Wurfel wouldn’t. However, it ended badly, when Oxford Dodge got so frustrated seeing this truck, and ultimately took out their frustration on myself. There didn’t seem to be any communication between them, and me. It was always me guessing on what’s happening with my truck. Also, after doing a repair, why not test it thoroughly, instead of me coming to pickup the truck, going home, and coming back 2-3 days later. They even say in the Work Orders that they tested it? It also seems they started replacing parts that never needed to be replaced. The reason behind that, is because they don’t listen to me when I describe the problem. If they would have listened to the thorough details I gave them, they would know how to reproduce the problem, and not have to replace unnecessary components. I will not be returning to Oxford Dodge because of how I was treated at the end, with Shawn (Service Manager). I have also told this story to everyone I can think of at my office. **

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  1. I Agree with everything you have Experienced. You should never have been treated that way by the Company that Built the Truck you liked. Such a disgrace by people you are supposed to trust.

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