Negative Review – Dale Wurfel Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Meh. I’m over it.

Didn’t have a good experience at this dealership, wrote an article explaining it, but taking it down after a few years.  I don’t care anymore.


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  1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve copied it and posted it on my blog as well. Other people need to know when stories like this happens!

  2. That’s ridiculous. Dealership should have fought for the repair just like the other dealerships did. You should not have had to bring it in so many times for this repair. Why can’t they listen to us the first time!

  3. I was about to purchase a used caravan from them, but have decided to go elsewhere. Thanks for this. I need a service dept. that will support me and fight for a repair if needed.

  4. My 2010 Dodge Journey was purchased there and I have had nothing but serious trouble since I rolled it off that god forsaken lot as a brand new vehicle. I totally regret having ever dealt with them and am currently starting the CAMVAP process to have my lease dissolved. This is a costly affair, but I find Dodge/Chrystler/Jeep to be a disgustingly greedy company. That outright told me they do not have a buy back policy and they’re very sorry my car has such severe issues. Please contact my dealer to resolve them. Arghhhh! 7 sunroof repairs, including 3 reinstalls, brakes, engine cylinders replaced, “reluctant” transmission issues, an entire electrical harness replacement, 2 new batteries, 2 ignitions and a disgustingly perverse amount of oil changes, to name a few, all at less than my CURRENT 3700 km. Can you say LEMON? As I enter my extended warranty, I’m dropping bricks, this thing will now need diagnostics and that will cost me each time. And at the rate it breaks down, I may have to get a second job or sell my kidney! I’m so sorry this happened to you, Its an awful feeling, knowing your thickening the pocket of a greedy, wealthy man whom doesn’t give a crap. Take care 🙂

  5. Interesting to know that Dale Wurful’s not BBB accredited, that could be because they’ve not chosen to be accredited or that they fail to meet the criteria? Hmmmm, which one? As I was left out in the rain the other day as an oversight from either Enterprise service or Dale Wurful’s service, not foreseeing the rentals hours. I missed a memorial service (a friends brother in law had passed) the day before due to my LEMON 2010 Journeys ignition issues, and almost missed a second (a friends father had passed) that day because of poor communication between those 2 parties. I’m not impressed.

  6. I noticed your post on another site and would just like to comment on my experience at dale Wurfel Chrysler. I purchased a new Ram at the dealership about 6 months ago and had an issue with a sensor that was causing the motor to run rough and a check engine light would come on. I had the truck in a couple different times to have the problem checked out as the first time the light was off when I arrived to the dealership. It was a bit of an inconvenience to me but I was treated great buy the service and sales department. The rental company in town was closed so the sales manager Jason, offered to give me his personal vehicle overnight so that I wouldn’t be without a vehicle. This is above and beyond anything that has ever been done for me at a dealership and to top it all off, when I picked up my truck the next day it was fully cleaned inside and out!! WOW!!! Everything with my truck has been awesome ever since! The comments that I have read here do not reflect the experiences that myself or anyone I have talked to have had. I would recommend any of my friends or family to visit Dale Wurfel Chrysler!!

  7. Thanks for your comments. I’m sure DW has customers that are happy with the service they provided. I wish I was one of them. For me, from day one, when I brought my truck back there less then 1 week after I bought it, it was a crap shoot. The service manager at the time was horrible, and treated me as such. Speaking to Dale Wurfel directly was one of the worst conversations I’ve ever had with an owner of a company.

  8. Got stuck in Florida over X-mas with a van I bought there….brand new and it broke down. I cant blame them for the van but I can blame them for the service I received, nothing!!! Stuck with out a car in Florida with my family in a very small space for 3 days. Dealership down there could care less, to them Dales dealership should handle it. Van still has problems which they seem to put off as my problem, Thanks for the good times.

  9. Just a clue for all consumers, the BBB is paid subscription listing service and no more than that. It is not and never has been a huge champion of consumer rights, it just lists complaints from time to time. Many businesses don’t bother with an association with the BBB because it is a waste of time and money, it has no actual power or prestige to do anything about anything. Check with your state’s consumer affairs division and do internet searches for consumer reviews to find information, the BBB is NOT, repeat NOT any kind of guarantee of a business’ worth.

    • I hear ya. And agree. However.. it doesn’t matter what it’s supposed to be, it matters what it actually is, and what consumers THINK it is. And consumers sometimes use it to see if there are complaints against a company. If I was a company, who wanted to be completely transparent, I would register with BBB. If I was a company who doesn’t give a s*&t, then I wouldn’t bother. ahem Dale Wurfel

  10. My experience with Wurfel started in Dec 2013 with the purchase of a new 2014 Cherokee. As the 6th new Chrysler that I have purchased I am very brand loyal, hovever this was my first dealing with Wurfel as they had exactly what I was looking for on the lot. I ordered and paid for the tow package to be installed as well. When I picked it up I found that they had not installed the correct oem package but a much cheaper and terrible looking aftermarket one. After 6 month of negotiations they finally agreed to install the correct hitch at no additional cost which they did. Except they left the wire connector from the aftermarket one instead of installing the oem connector. This left a very large hole in the bumper trim where the plug connector was supposed to go. As well they did not reinstall the bumper trim correctly leaving several large gaps. After another few months of negotiations they informed me that the plug in question was not something that they could get and suggested I try Napa. Seriously! Instead I went to London City Chrysler for a second opinion. Wow what a breath of fresh air! Not only did they easily get and install the correct oem plug but after telling them my story they did it at dealer cost and reduced the labour. They even attempted to get Wurfel to at least cover the parts cost…which Wurfel declined. I’m really not sure why Wurfel chose to throw away my future business like this.

  11. Thank you so much your situation is given me direction and hope. Just purchased a 2016 jeep wrangler Sahara unlimited and from the get go I have been in a d out of two Chrysler dealers. Your story has given me direction.

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