Longpoint Provincial Park Review

Review Date: July 2010 (Updated Review coming Aug 2015)

General Information / Location / Address

Longpoint Provincial Park is located on a long sand beach, on Lake Erie.  The campsite is basically on the beach, which means there is sand everywhere.

PO Box 99 350 Erie Blvd
Port Rowan, ON, ON, N0E 1M0

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Entry / Layout

After driving through Long Point, the entrance to the (new) park is at the very end of Erie Blvd.  There is an “old” park a ways before the entrance, but I’ve never been there.  This review will focus on the new area towards the end of Erie Blvd.  The park office comes up quick, then afterwards on your right is the day use area.  If you go straight, it weeves it’s way to the campgrounds on a paved road.

From there, Long Point is split into two campgrounds.  Firefly and Monarch, and Turtle Dunes.  Each campground does have a full service bathroom in the center.  Both campgrounds are located right on the beach.

General Discussion

The first thing I want to say about Longpoint Provincial Park….. is SAND, SAND, SAND. The park is pretty much built ontop of a beach, and all sites are in the sand (except the northern sites in Firefly). If you have a trailer, make sure your truck is 4×4, or backing it into a campsite might be an issue.  If you get stuck, the park can bring the tractor to help you get out.

Any site is within walkable distance to the beach, but I would suggest only booking inside of Turtle Dunes Campgrounds, as the other ones are just OPEN sites on the grass. For the most part, the sites on the inner ring of Turtle Dunes are fairly open, but the sites on the NORTH part, and outside ring of Turtle Dunes are pretty private. The best site in the park is site # 434, as it sites pretty much on the beach. There is a SLIGHT bluff to walk over, but you can see the beach, and even set a tent up on the beach. Pictures below are of site # 434.

DSCF8522 DSCF8795 DSCF8499
So, after driving through the town of Longpoint, the Park is at the very end of the drive. It’s as far as you can drive out on the Longpoint Jet of land. After the front office, it’s a fair drive past the old park, and to Turtle Dune Campground. There is one main washroom, with showers at the center of the Turtle campground. Again, the sites here are mostly sand, and 50% open, 50% private. There’s lots of room on the beach to spreadout, and you can walk-out in the water a ways before it gets deep.

One thing to be careful of is TICKS!. The campsite area seems fine, but if you go for a walk in the trails at the north end of the park, through the tall grass, you’ll get LOTS of ticks. My little dog had 25-30 ticks on him. On the note of trails, the park doesn’t really have any hiking trails that I saw, or biking trails. It’s also hard to bike around here, cause the roads have some sand on them, and your tires dig in.

I didn’t go around and see what good sites there are at this campground, but my GF noticed one other site that was good. Site # 311, inside Turtle Dunes Campground. It’s not on the beach, but the beach is right over a small sand bluff. The site is fairly private as well.

I think that’s about it.. any questions can be emailed to email [at] natemeyer.ca

DSCF8746 DSCF8532 DSCF8520 DSCF8497 DSCF8495 DSCF8492
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7 thoughts on “Longpoint Provincial Park Review

  1. Looks good, I’m thinking of taking the family there this summer. Is it similar in sand and beach to Pinery Provincial Park in Grand Bend?

  2. Dogs are not allowed on the beach, however there is a dog beach available beside the day use beach. It’s nice enough that you could plan to spend your day at the beach there.

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