Longpoint Provincial Park Review

Review Date: Aug 2015

General Information / Location / Address

Longpoint Provincial Park is located on a long bar beach, on Lake Erie.  The campground is basically on the beach, which means there is sand everywhere.

PO Box 99 350 Erie Blvd
Port Rowan, ON, ON, N0E 1M0

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Entry / Layout

After driving through Long Point, the entrance to the (new) park is at the very end of Erie Blvd.  There is an “old” park a ways before the entrance, with similar beach style campsites.  This review will focus on the new area towards the end of Erie Blvd.  The park office comes up quick, with ample parking spots on the left.  Right after the gates, on your right is the day use area.  Left is a paved road, that weeves it’s way to the campground.

From there, Long Point is split into two campgrounds.  First it’s Firefly and Monarch, then Turtle Dunes.  Each campground does have a full service bathroom in the center.  Both campgrounds are located right on the beach.

IMG_20150806_113357 IMG_20150806_113507

General Discussion

The first thing I want to say about Longpoint Provincial Park….. is SAND, SAND, SAND. The park is pretty much built ontop of a sandbar, and all sites are in the sand (except the northern sites in Firefly). If you have a trailer, make sure your truck is 4×4, or backing it into a campsite might be an issue.  If you get stuck, the park has signs saying they can’t help you get unstuck. Being on a beach, there are a surprising number of large, tall trees.  This does help make some of the sites more private.  Once you get into the campgrounds, the roads are gravel, but if you get near the beach, they turn to sand.

Monarch campground roads loop from Firefly, to the beach.  The sites here are all sand base.  The close you get to the beach, the sandier your site gets.  Most of the sites have privacy on the side, but seem to have an open back.  They are all medium in size.  If your looking for a campground close to a beach, these are the ones to get.  It’s a quick walk over a small bluff, and you’re on the beach.  One thing to note – Monarch seems to be pretty crowded.  There are lots of campsites stuffed into this small area, and it gets fairly loud in here.  As well, all these campers are ending up on the same section of beach, which makes that pretty crowded as well.

Firefly campground is a grass field, slightly further away from the beach.  There are rows of campsites, and there is ZERO privacy between the sites.  This area seems to house bigger trailers.  However, it’s still a quick walk to the beach from here.  The park road also goes around Firefly campground, and that can cause some noise.  It’s also fairly loud, and busy.  You can also hear the kids playing on the playground, which is right beside Firefly.

Turtle Dunes is almost it’s own park.  If you continue driving down the park road, past Firefly, you arrive at Turtle Dunes campground.  It has one fully serviced bathroom at the beginning, and it only basically 2 roads.  The sites here are slightly more private, but the great thing about this campground is it’s a lot quieter, and less busy.  There are only a handful of campsites here, so the beach is usually less busy then the other campgrounds.  There is a swing set in the center as well.  The sites here are a mix of sand, and grass.  The sites on the NORTH part, and outside ring of Turtle Dunes are pretty private.

I didn’t spent much time in Cotton wood. (The OLD park.).  But it seems to be the same as Monarch.  The sites aren’t very private, and they are mostly sand based.  But again, they are located right beside the beach.  If you’re looking for a spot at Long Point, and this campground is the only one open, then camp here.  It just seems like a small park, crammed with a lot of people.

The beach here is good.  It used to be better, but because of water levels, and grass, it has shrunken the beach a bit.  There isn’t as much deep white sand, but more packed down sand.  The water is fairly shallow for a ways out into the lake.  One thing that got annoying was the amount of “house” flies that bite.  They are super hard to kill, and were biting me all day long.  I had to move closer to the water to get rid of them. There is a dog beach, and it’s on the same stretch of beach as the above.  For the whole week I was there, the wind was a northerly wind.  Whenever this happens, you can feel the wind in the campsites, but it’s very calm down at the water.  Since the beach is below the campsites, the trees and brush do a good job at keeping the winds down.

There is a great playground in Firefly.  It has 2 large structures, a swing set, and a cable swing.  There are kids playing on it all day long, and if you have kids, they will love it.  There is also a swing set in Turtle Beach.

The park officers do drive by frequently.  It seems they are on a schedule.  Weekdays I see them drive by starting at 6:45 – 7:30pm, and they always walk down to the beach to see if anyone is drinking alcohol down there.  On weekends, they are driving around 3 times.  Afternoon, again at 6:45 – 7:30, and again at 9pm.  I saw them give alcohol warning three times to people who had open alcohol containers (beer cans), but never to anyone with a red cup, or thermos, etc.  The warning is that no alcohol allowed off the site, and they make you dump the beer can out.  They collect your name, and campsite number, and say they will give you a $125 next time if caught.  So I guess the moral of the story here, is if you want alcohol on the beach, put it in a separate container.

There is a park store, which is located in the main office.  It doesn’t have much in there, but a couple bags of chips, chocolate bars, and wine gums.  There are also some beach supplies, but not much.  They also sell firewood at the main office.

The fresh water station is located on the way IN, and the dumping station is located on the way OUT.  Only one station per.


Day Use Area


Day Use Area


Bathroom in Firefly / MonarchIMG_20150807_083122

Below three pictures are FireFlyIMG_20150807_083127 IMG_20150807_083133 IMG_20150807_083139

Main Playground

Boat RampIMG_20150808_110704 IMG_20150806_120153 IMG_20150806_120512

Site 435 on LEFT, 434 straight ahead. Beach on RIGHTIMG_20150806_122628

Site 434IMG_20150806_123255

This is a road in MonarchIMG_20150807_082446 IMG_20150808_203826

Bathroom in Turtle DunesIMG_20150809_100228

Fresh Water StationIMG_20150809_100751

This is the road in Turtle Dunes

This is the road in Turtle Dunes
IMG_7745 IMG_7746 IMG_7749 IMG_7765

Below is a PhotoSphere of the main playground.

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Below is a view from the circle, at the end of Turtle Dunes

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Best Campsites

Other then a few sites in Turtle Dunes, a lot of the other sites are fairly similar.  Sand base, not much privacy.  I suggest camping as close to the beach as possible, knowing that the sites aren’t very private.  It’s a beach campground, so that will outweigh anything else.

– Sites 434, 435, 433 are closest to the beach in Turtle Dunes.  434 is the only one on the south side of the road.  433, 435 are NOT private.

– Any other site close to the beach is good, as it’s a VERY short walk.

– For electric trailer sites, I would suggest 322, 323, 320, 321, 318, 319, 316, 317.

Hiking / Biking

One thing to be careful of is TICKS!. The campsite area seems fine, but if you go for a walk in the trails at the north end of the park, through the tall grass, you’ll get LOTS of ticks. My little dog had 25-30 ticks on him. On the note of trails, the park doesn’t really have any hiking trails that I saw, or biking trails. It’s also hard to bike around here, cause the roads have some sand on them, and your tires dig in.  I would suggest just biking on the camp roads, and leave the grass paths alone.

One nice bike ride would be to ride OUT of the park, then turn LEFT at your first road.  This takes you down a road, parallel to the main road, that goes by all the nice cottages.  This will eventually lead you out to the OLD park.


– BEACH!  It’s also a fairly clean, well kept campground.

– The area is neat.  It’s a bird sanctuary, and a nice small local beach town.


– Sand

– Privacy of the campsites.  Noisey and crowded in some areas.

Surrounding Area Activities

– Go visit Turkey Point, another small beach town

– Bring a canoe, and travel some of the canoe routes in the area.


– This is a great beach campground.  It’s all about the beach here, and it doesn’t disappoint.

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9 thoughts on “Longpoint Provincial Park Review

  1. Looks good, I’m thinking of taking the family there this summer. Is it similar in sand and beach to Pinery Provincial Park in Grand Bend?

  2. Dogs are not allowed on the beach, however there is a dog beach available beside the day use beach. It’s nice enough that you could plan to spend your day at the beach there.

  3. Thanks for your campground reviews! I really like long point because nice sand and walking to the beach are both very important to me (and hard to find!). People reccommend campgrounds to me all the time but I need details like this!

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